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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Brighton Gets Things Arse About Face - 'Elf and Safety Strikes Again

In Brighton, seemingly, things are built before checking the health and safety requirements.

The lovely Queens Park has had a wooden jetty built by the side of the pond. The project started at the end of March this year, and was meant to be completed within five weeks.

Fast forward to today's date (mid July) and, as you can see, the project remains unfinished and boarded off. Completion expected end of August!

For why?

It seems that health and safety concerns have been raised by the Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents, eg the need for child proof gate etc.

The need for gates etc may be all very well and necessary in this risk averse age (no doubt). However, to my simple mind, should these issues not have been raised during the design phase?

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1 comment:

  1. Design phase? Nope. I've seen a whole IT data centre moved a few feet for 'elf & safety reasons - euphemism for powergrab by nanny's managers. End result was a real heath and safety concern: the buttons to operate the exit doors were now reversed with the swipe cards to enter the room. Took months for that to get fixed (powergrab was over by then).

    ie: anyone could enter by pressing a button. No-one could exit without an authorised id card. Yes: there was potential for the room to be filled with gas. We hid a large lump of metal in the bottom of one of the racks in order to smash our way into the next server room should the need arise. Told no manager because said lump contravened elf & safety (had "trip hazard" sticker on it).