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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tolerance Spoils Ill-minded People

A lesson from the past, seems as relevant now as it was then.

As per the Korea Times King Sejong of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910), who sat on the Korean throne for over 31 years from 1418 until his death in 1450, launched a crackdown against crime in the last three years of his reign, according to a recent study.

Cho Byung-in, a former senior research fellow at Korea Institute of Criminology in Seoul, said he discovered that 550 prisoners were executed during King Sejong's final three years. The figure is nearly four times the average number of criminals who faced execution during his previous 28 years.

The capital punishment figure reached its peak with 233 in 1448, the 30th year after Sejong ascended to the throne. Most of the criminals who faced execution were burglars.
"The high rate of capital punishment that came later in his tenure is associated with the shift of policy focus from tolerance to severe punishment."

Why this change?

It seems that the King's earlier policy of tolerance and minimal executions gave rise to an increase in criminal activity, eg the advent of "fire thieves" who carried torches whenever they attacked people and stole their wealth and belongings, terrifying the residents of the capital city Hanyang.

In other words if you give criminals an inch, they will steal a mile!

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  1. Political tolerance when politicians and anti-smokers are not . Rasent tax wasted on them just because they think that they are " morally superior".