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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Fruit Juices Cause Cancer...Except They Don't!

In a veritable media splurge, lead by the Mail, hapless fruit juice drinkers (remember folks fruit juice is part of Nanny's Five a Day!) have been confronted with lurid headlines telling them that fruit juice will give them cancer.

All very frightening and worrisome, until that is you bother to check what the actual risk of getting caner is..according to the BMJ it is 1.12%!

Nanny and her lickspittles in the media do themselves no favours by this nonsensical and idiotic scaremongering!

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  1. Soon,it will be Bastille Day in France. Present bunch of "rulers" are a disgrace

  2. I work in a medical field and the Daily Mail is a constant source of mirth and hilarity to myself and colleagues. They appear to have junior staff trawling journals hunting for articles and then quote the findings totally out of context to create a scare story.

    For example one of my colleagues wrote a paper on cancer causing chemicals and MDF...the Mail then claimed 'Your furniture will give you CANCER' or some similar lurid headline with unnecessary capitalisation. The reality was that you would have to eat an entire Ikea worth of flatpack to raise your risk by 0.05% as the original paper was about workers exposure to chemicals in the manufacturing process.