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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Scumbags Come First

Scumbags Come FirstHeh Hoh!

What a funny old country we live in. There was I thinking that criminals are meant to be apprehended by Nanny's police, when in fact that is not the police mission at all.

Their mission, in fact, is to safeguard the health and safety of scumbags.

Max Foster discovered this to his cost on Tuesday in Bath. He is an 18 year old person, not a criminal (contrary to what Nanny would have you believe about teenagers) but a law abiding member of the public, who saw three scumbags steal his moped.

Needless to say, Max called plod, who amazinglyu turned up in time to be able to give chase. Max expected plod to give chase, and apprehend said scumbags.

Big mistake!

Plod refused to give chase.


The scumbags were not wearing helmets, and plod was worried that if said scumbags fell off the bike and injured themselves they would sue.

Nanny's chums in Avon and Somerset Police said the safety of both the offenders and the public had to be considered.

Mr Foster was unimpressed:

"They said:

'If they haven't got a helmet on,

we can't pursue them.

We can't risk a law suit.

We'd get sued if they fell off and hurt themselves'

He went on to make the following very astute observation:

"I can't believe it, to tell the truth,

because all the bike thieves know that,

so that's what they do and they're laughing at the police.

They've found a loophole in the law that means they can do exactly what they want

Inspector Tim House of Avon and Somerset Police said:

"We must first consider the safety of the public at large,

the time of day,

number of people around,

are there any pedestrians or young children playing nearby

What the hell has that got to do with the scumbags wearing helmets or not?

Farking stupid!


  1. There was another incident last week, same Force, who arrested a man who had been knocked senseless by a crowd of Yobs whom he asked to refrain from sitting on his wife's car. While this was going on the yobs stood watching. The police and firemen ahd already been called to the street earlier in the evening to the same crowd.
    Bear in mind that was a few days after the P.M. had been in Bristol sayong how he was going to restore order and all that.

  2. Ah, but Bliar was only trying to talk up the value of his unused flats ...

    Thing is you can get away with a bike by not wearing a helmet but you can't get away with wearing a t-shirt - or rather selling them. Ken better watch out!

    Here's the text from my local ceefax pages.

    Man fined for "Rude" Blair shirt ..

    A Leaicestershire trader has been fined for displaying shirts bearing a rudes;ogan about the Prime Minister.

    Tony Wright, 60, from Burton Lazars, was told the shirts could cause alarm or even distress.

    He was caught selling them at the Royal Norfolk Show and told to take down his stand. The shorts have the slogan "B******* to Blair" emblazoned on them.

    He said he would chellenge the £80 fixed penalty the police gave him for causing harassment, alarm and distress."

    I can only assume they thought the slogan was aimed at the chap who supposedly runs the Met.

    I must llok up a recent thesaurus to check for this new word B*******.

    Whilst I don't feel very harassed by it I am slightly alarmed that it is not in my vocabulary and distressed that plod should find reason to impose a fixed penalty for such a thing to avoid having to explain their disquiet in court.

    The thought police seem to be out and about in Norfolk making up the law as they go. Time to man the barricades for justice I think.

    What flag to fly though?

    B*ow*'s a b***ard Thief?

    F*** FalCONNer?

    Nuts to Nanny?

  3. Bet if I rode my bike without a helmet I'd get pulled over immediately.
    Course, I'm NOT a criminal.
    I hope the thieving little scumbags fell off anyway and broke their necks.

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:37 AM

    Am I right to be concerned about the rise in these "fixed penalty" offences whereby if you are judged, by the police, to have committed a certain offence, you automatically receive a "fixed penalty"? I understood that Magna Carta enshrined in law that a person was innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    As for not pursuing the thieves because they weren't wearing crash helmets, TOUGH! Common sense suggests that if you should receive injuries whilst on the way to commit a crime, carrying out the crime or attempting to escape after the deed, you should, under those circumstances, forfeit all human rights, including the right to sue anyone for said injuries. Alas, common sense is in short supply in Nanny's brave new world.
    Mind how you go!!