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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tuck Off!

Tuck Off!Full marks to William Guntrip (13), an enterprising lad who has become rather fed up with Nanny's lectures on healthy eating.

He set up a playground sweet shop to counteract Nanny's 'overpriced health food'.

Master Guntrip was raking in more than £50 a day, selling chocolate bars and fizzy drinks to other pupils at Sponne School Towcester during break times.

Good to see that we are still breeding entrepreneurs in this country.

Unfortunately, Nanny does not approve of individualism or entrepreneurs. The school, which has banned sweets from vending machines and filled the canteen with healthy options, says he will be expelled if he does not shut up shop.


William had set up shop after his father, Glyn, promised to give up smoking if he could make £1,000 through his own business.

Master William said:

"I can't believe it;

I don't see what I've done wrong,

it's not illegal.

Even some of the teachers have been buying from me.

The food at lunchtimes is rubbish.

It's all pasta and vegetables, there's no meat.

I don't mind some healthy stuff

but it costs too much money and there's not enough choice.

Now they've taken away all my stock

I think he should raise the matter of theft of stock with the police, that is after all a criminal offence isn't it?

Feel free to drop the school a line with your thoughts on the matter:


  1. The Fat Owl of the Remove8:32 AM

    I say, Frost old man, what on Earth is eventuating here in England? Soon a fellow won't be able to do anything at all.

    P.S. Thanks for posting my portrait on your jolly old blog & keep up the good work!

  2. Fat Owl

    The postings will be terrific.


    Frost of the Sixth

  3. How much more of this bovine excreta are we English going to take?
    Nanmy is determined to make the whole nation subservient to whatever rubbish her minions put out so that when the time comes (and it may not be far away) our complete way of life can be overturned.
    If you don't hear from me again you will know that the Gestapo have called.

  4. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I suppose the only recourse available to an enterprising young lad like Master Guntrip (nice name, by the way) is take a leaf from Keith MacDonald's book and start humping his way to fame, fortune, and a tender spot in Nanny's heart. Starting of course, at age 14!

    Nanny has, after all an irrespressible affection for those too stupid, lazy, and perhaps pathological to breed in the time honored 'human' manner, and an absolute aversion to anyone who sets out 'to make his own way in the world.' Oohh my, perish the thought! What on earth could that signal to Nanny other than outright subversion?

    Care to take any bets as to whether Nanny investigates Guntrip Senior for violation of the child labor laws?

  5. Alfred of Wessex4:39 PM

    Tell the boy's father to either (i) emmigrate with his family to somewhere more entrepreneur-friendly - e.g. USA, Australia, NZ, or (ii) (if he can afford it) pay for a private education. Comprehensives are little more than futile exercises in crowd control, with the odd bit of indoctrination in cultural Marxism thrown in.

  6. Alfred of Wessex4:41 PM

    My apologies - that should read emigrate. There should be a large reward for the first weblog that has an integral spell-checker for posters.

  7. Grant8:10 PM

    well, if the school has indeed appropriated the lad's stock I think at the very least an £80 fixed penalty notice is in order for causing distress and whatever the other ridiculous words were related to Mr. Wright's shirts.

    And that before highlighting the health benefit to the entire country, nay planet, of Master Guntrip's father giving up smoking.

    A do have some sympathy with the suggestions of Alfred of Wessex BUT fear that the former colonies are in fact in the vanguard of populace control as part of their attempt to prove that they have thrown off the shackles of Empire and have the ability to be even more perverse and overbearing than the empire they feel so proud deriding and denigrating.

    Which is probably why so many of the antipodeans live in London, miles from beaches and primeval sharks, and those who escaped westwards appear intent upon telling the entire world how to go about its daily life.

    Presumably the recent influx to the sceptred isles represents the world spread factions who, having been released from the state controls of one method or another, could not face personal choice and headed for the UK on the basis that its intense and progressing maniputaion of all things would give them some rigid rules (absent too many meaningful penalties) within which to operate.

  8. here in the US there are similar food controls in government schools - but it's sometimes hard to separate the nanny state tendencies from the corporate state. my opinion is that the corporate state will eventually co-op any nanny state trends, just as our "food pyramid" guide which the mindful schools follow is apparently being watered down to promote more profitable food trades.

    that's the simple view. what about meeting religious, ethnic and philosophical needs at the school canteen? can't leave anyone out, you know...