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Friday, August 18, 2006

What A Ranker

Following on from my earlier article today, on the subject of A level results, the results are now out and this year has seen yet another rise in pass rates and scores.

A stonking 24% of examinees scored an A grade, up from 22% last year.

Congratulations to the successful candidates.

Now all you have to do is find a job, earn a living and not rely on the state to wipe your bottoms!

On the subject of ranking, I too can lay claim to being a bit of a ranker.

Not only has this blog achieved 13th place in the MSN list of top blogs, but type Ken Frost into Google and you will see that I rank number one on the serach list.

Yes folks, number one out of 5,120,000 entries.

It is fair to say that I am indeed an enormous ranker!

Time for a pint.


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Congratulations Ken!

    I assume this in not in any way a nefarious result - you have not threatened any other Ken Frosts or somehow blocked or co-opted any enquireies for thie sites and so in?


    As for the exams ...

    One odd thing that has been going on for a few years it seems - there was a report of this in the Daily Mail yesterday iirc - is that some high achieving pupils, predicting and getting multiple good A grades at A level are not getting any offers of university places. Zero out of 6 applied for.

    It happened to a couple girls at the school my daughters attended, at least one of them also having plenty of additional non-academic extra-curricular accomplishments to include on her c.v. as well as successfully managing the responsibility of being the Head Girl for the year before her exams.

    Got 4 A grades as I recall, but zero offers in her leaving year. Not sure what happened after that. The last I heard she was planning to apply the following year with the results confirmed to see what would happen.

    We live in curious times.

  2. Way to go. I have enjoyed your efforts for a while now.

    It seems that in the U.S. the state-run universities major in issuing passports to terrorists, and minor in indoctrinating students with opinions that their parents (who are paying for everything) despise.

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Well done, Ken!

    I don't know what the controversy is. I took A level physics 25 years ago. I found an example A level physics paper on the web yesterday. All of it, that is all of it, was covered at O level or before when I was at school.

    There was nothing I didn't understand, no new and esoteric subjects not available to we poor enighted Neanderthals in the ancient days of 1980.

    Nanny's really pulled a blinder here. Like the sheep bleating "four legs good, two legs bad!", the mantra is "How dare you demean these young people's magnificent achievements! Easier?! Do you know how hard they had to work for this?"

    Am I the only person who feels that the teachers teaching just a little better each and every year and the students working just a little harder each and every year is just a little unlikely?

    On the other hand, making the exams just a little easier each year to give the illusion of improving education is highly likely!

  4. Congratulations Ken on being number 1, am I allowed to brag I'm no1 for Geoff Jones out of 8,470,000

    Nanny Cambridge was in full swing yesterday - at Jesus Green pool someone heard a clap of distant thunder thus neccisating its closure for 1 hour.