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Nanny Knows Best
Dedicated to exposing, and resisting, the all pervasive nanny state that is corroding the way of life and the freedom of the people of Britain.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nanny Knows Best In MSN's Top 30 Blogs

Nanny Knows Best In MSN's Top 30 BlogsDear All

Press release issued today from the HQ

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"Nanny Knows Best" Featured In MSN's List of The Top 30 Blogs

London, 8th August 2006 "The Living Brand" is proud to announce that Nanny Knows Best, the site dedicated to exposing and resisting the all pervasive nanny state that is corroding the way of life and freedom of the people of Britain, is featured in the MSN List of The Top 30 Blogs.

MSN have placed at number 13 in their list of the Top 30 Blogs. Quote:

"Daily tales from the frontline of middle England as contributors rally against the 'nanny state'.

It's reactionary rhetoric at its finest -

how dare they ban Lennon's Imagine for its anti-religious sentiment

Source, launched on 18th September 2004, will soon be celebrating its second birthday. In keeping with its mission to resist the nanny state, the team at will be celebrating the award by smoking, drinking and eating in excess; ie doing things that Nanny heartily disapproves of. will continue to resist the nanny state.

For additional information, contact: Ken Frost at “The Living Brand”

About "The Living Brand" is a living interactive website that, in conjunction with forthcoming books, aims to stimulate the intellectual and gastric juices; as well as entertain.


Ken Frost "The Living Brand"



  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Congratulations on featuring in the Top 30 Blogs list! Nanny Knows Best is a daily read for me and I always look forward to visiting. Keep up the good work!

    All you need to do to make things perfect is to sort out your phobia with providing links (and making them work properly when you do put them in ahem...)

  2. Well done on your top twenty entry !!!!
    But Ken you are posting stuff to your site at 4.03 am !!!!!!!!?



  3. Congratulations Ken

    The British Political process and media has been completely shutdown unless you are to the left of Hillary Clinton.

    Therefore, blogs like yours are the only way ordinary citizens can be heard.

    Long may you continue.

  4. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Well done Ken!

    P.S. To Madhatterfriendofken:

    Ken hasn't quite got the hang of his Blogger settings yet. He needs to go to Change Settings > Formatting > Time Zone & set the clock to British time.

  5. Bagpuss

    Thanks for that.

    You are correct in that the settings are in US time..sorry folks have not got round to doing it yet...guess I had better pull my finger out on that?


  6. Well done Ken.

    Much respect from The World According To Davenelli.

  7. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Well, that's great news. News of Nanny's nutcase rules & regulations is getting out there.

    Funny how Nanny's ideas seem to seep into one's everyday thinking. We've just been to Corsica for a break (lovely place & people) and watched a fair bit of French TV. They're still doing "It's A Knock-Out" in France; what surprised us was that a lot of the French games involve people being chased around (and trampled on) by bulls with real horns. My instincitve reaction was "That's dangerous", so steeped am I in Nanny's ministrations.

    I can't see that this would ever be allowed in the UK - the Health & Safety people would have a field day ("Where's your risk assessment?" etc).

    When returning from Corsica through Gatwick on Sunday, we were immediately reminded of Nanny's concerns for us with the following public announcements:

    "For Health & Safety reasons, children are not allowed to ride on the luggage trolleys"

    "For Health & Safety reasons, children are not allowed beyond the blue line next to the luggage carousels"

    Perhaps they should include a warning about bulls as well?

  8. Heary congratulations, Ken, on the fame of your site. Perhaps, one day, we shall read in the history books just how the ordinary person overcame Nanny's insidious doctrine.

    Anonymous's comments remind me of the feeling I had settle on me a month ago after returning from my holiday in Spain. After feeling so relaxed and refreshed - just as the plane landed at Bristol I had that certain feeling of tenseness and gloom creeping up on me. Now this is not unusual, as one feels that the holiday has come to an end. However, I have to say this feeling was exacerbated (Ken, can we use that word, sounds a bit rude and Nanny may not approve) by the fact I was re-entering Nanny's territory, with its countless rules, regulations, red tape, and petty and mindless bureaucrats etc etc.

    One bureaucrat was particularly irksome, a jobsworth immigration officer who insisted on checking every photo of every passport of every passenger, even though it was clearly a Brit plane full of white Brits (well, some were pretty red!!) coming from their holidays in the EU country of Spain.

    So we Brits are all checked to the man (or women) yet it seems that Nanny hasn't got a clue how many immigrants are here, how they got in, and is also busy releasing some illegals onto our streets direct from prison!!

    Nanny has lost the plot sometime ago.