Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bin Brother

Bin BrotherNanny's obsession with spying on us, and using CCTV to aid her spying, knows no bounds.

It was revealed in late November of 2006 that CCTV spy cameras are being installed at household rubbish dumps to check what residents are throwing away, and to fine those breaking recycling rules.

Nanny's CCTV systems are capable of reading and storing car number plates to identify who is using the dump, how often, and what they are disposing.

The cameras are being installed at waste sites across the country. Nanny states that they are to improve security!

Yes indeed, there are many people who come to waste sites to steal rubbish!

However, the cameras are in reality being installed in order to aid councils screw their hapless residents for even more money.

Nanny is a very expensive beast to keep, she needs more and more money.

It seems that cameras have been installed in Buckinghamshire, Croydon, Somerset, Dundee and Hertfordshire.

Buckinghamshire council documents state:

"This may lead to investigation and possibly prosecution".

Why are we allowing Nanny to do this to us?


  1. No previous government could have got away with all this, but this lot have got about half the population "working" for them so they will not rock the boat.
    Also we have been fed story after story about how we are under attack, how we shall have to give up long held freedoms to save the country. And to beef this up the army are sent very publicly to "guard" sites while we have armed police parading about.
    So many people are frightened into believing all the propaganda that they will believe anything and everything
    Some years ago this would have led to demonstrations and riots. Not now and Revolution outside Downing Street is a pipe dream.

  2. Grant5:32 PM

    It may also be because a large number of those no living on this island don't read or speak English and, despite how it often seems, not all official messages are translated into every language on the planet at whatever the cost may be.

    Also they don't care. If this place turns to even worse crap they will simply go elsewhere. It's what they have recently done after all, they have the experience to fall back on.

    Or they could just 'nick all the fittings' and take them back home with them when they feel the time is right.

    There was a headline in my local village paper this week to the effect that 'we' are pissed off because the local police/safety camera partnership did not include 'us' in one of those schemes whereby local busybodies are equipped and trained (allegedly) to use radar speed measuring devices to check the habits of their frineds and neighbours as they drive past. This is something the government is actively promoting, though at a distance of course.

    I expect a few will also volunteer to go around inspecting the contents of wheelie bins when that scheme is introduced.

    I guess they have been studying recent history. Germany in the 30s and more recently the records form Saddam's Iraq probably.

    Did Eric Blair ever imagine that a namesake would see his work as a handbook for action rather than a warning?

  3. David J Hilton8:43 PM

    This sets one hell of a dangerous precedent, and instead of encouraging more people to recycle, will just lead to even more fly-tipping.

    But then, these pillocks don't give a toss about the environment; they only care about the greenbacks.