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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

VOO Halloo II

VOO Halloo IIYesterday I wrote about Nanny's great new "initiative", VOO's.

Violent Offender Orders (VOO's) are designed to stop criminality and violence, before the criminal has even thought of committing the crime. All the police have to do is identify someone with a dodgy background, or extremist views, then the court slaps a VOO on them; hey presto problem solved!

Ho hum, all a bit of a fantasy really in my view.

However, if Nanny really is serious about identifying people who have yet to commit a violent crime but are nonetheless at risk of doing so; may I suggest that she directs her gimlet eye to the people identified in yesterday's Channel 4 Dispatches documentary "Undercover in The Mosque"

(Note Channel 4 have some sort of gizmo that you can download to enable you to watch their stuff, so in theory you can watch it on line)

The documentary identified a veritable hotbed of extremism and unpleasantness being pumped into people's minds in some mosques in Britain, by certain highly unpleasant individuals.

In brief, if you are:

-A woman
-A Christian
-A moderate Muslim
-A Muslim who helps non Muslims
-A Jew
-An atheist
-A homosexual
-A believer in democracy etc etc

Then tough luck, these guys think that you will go to hell and have every intention of speeding you on your way.


"'An army of Muslims will arise' announces one preacher.

Another preacher said British Muslims must 'dismantle' British democracy

- they must 'live like a state within a state'

until they are 'strong enough to take over

I would say that these characters are well deserving of a VOO or two. The trouble is that I doubt very much that Nanny will be handing out many VOO's to them.

Why is that then Ken? I hear you ejaculate...please stop this constant ejaculation at the keyboard, semen is such a persistent stain and clogs up the keys.

I digress...the reasons that Nanny won't impose VOO's on these people are two fold:
  • Labour politicians are desperate to ingratiate themselves into the Muslim community. They need their votes, and can't be bothered to differentiate between mainstream Muslims and extremists (in fact they don't even take time to understand the difference). A such, any hint of a VOO which might upset their voters won't be popular with Labour.

  • The extremists are followers of Wahabism, an extreme version of Islam practiced by Saudi Arabia. Much of the finance and support for the extremist preachers is in fact coming from Saudi Arabia. BTW, you may recall that the perpetrators of 9/11 had Saudi connections.
What is the significance of the Saudi connection?

Saudi is our ally in the forthcoming attack on Iran, and as such we trust them implicitly.

Bliary Poppins in fact recently blocked an investigation into bribery charges relating to Saudi Arabia and BAE, on the grounds of "national security".

Why was this?

1 There is a multi billion pound defence contract with Saudi Arabia in the offing.

2 Bliary Poppins recently spoke of an "alliance of moderation" to take on Iran as part of battle against extremism.

Guess who forms part of this alliance of moderation?

Yes, that's right, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (a country riddled with extremist madrass's exporting extremist preachers to Britain, also not a democracy).

Why do we need an "alliance of moderation"?

Ah, simple, because we are going to attack Iran this year.

Don't believe me?
Saudi Arabia is cosying up to Britain and the US, as they being Sunnis do not want to see the Shias take control of key areas of the Middle East (the Shias in Iran are now very chummy with the Shias who now are in charge of Iraq, thanks to the "regime change" enforced on Iraq by Blair and Bush).

Taking the above into account, there is no way on earth that VOO's will be used on the extremists identified in the documentary (as they are supported and financed by our "allies of moderation").

Haras Rafiq of the Sufi Muslim Council summed it up well:

"We are losing our children to extremists".

Note and understand very clearly, that mainstream Islam is a religion of tolerance and understanding. The rise of the extremists, if not checked, poses as much of a threat to the average Muslim living in Britain as it does to the non Muslims living here.

Something in this country really stinks.


  1. DocBud12:21 PM

    Ken, you're beginning to sound like patronising Nannies Blair and Bush. Most Muslims are indeed peaceful and tolerant but not due to their strict adherence to Islam, simply because most people in the world want to live in peaceful co-existence with their neighbours and to get on with their lives. Islam however is a religion of violence, it was when Mohammed made it up, it was when it underwent its major expansions and it still is today.

  2. Grant6:10 PM

    The extremists who claim to represent Islam do seem to be somewhat focussed on negatives rather than any positives. OK, so to some it may seem positive to subjugate women and be intolerant of others because that glorifies and enhances a religious belief of some sort, but in the end it is not a very useful philosophy for the majority of the world's population.

    And then we have the extremist Greens whose views may not be as sexist but in terms of humanity in general and their desire to control society seem quite similar.

    It would be very interesting to create a modern form of the the Roman Forum to pitch these two philosophies together to see what resulted.

    Whilst they were preoccupied with each other the rest os us might be allowed to get on with our lives in an ear of reduced catastrophism.

  3. Nice thought, grant, but these people haven't the remotest intention of leaving the rest of us alone. They are catastrophic and strain every nerve to engulf us in their yearned-for catastrophe. why are so many people in denial about this? I am reminded ofappeasment in the 1930s.

  4. Anonymous12:04 AM

    "Most Muslims are indeed peaceful and tolerant but not due to their strict adherence to Islam, simply because most people in the world want to live in peaceful co-existence with their neighbours and to get on with their lives..."

    Take your head out of your ass and wake up, doc.

  5. Islam is not peaceful, it's spread by violence just look at what's happening in Africa. In this day and age in this country we should ban Islam before it takes over our politics as well as our children's hearts and minds it is in stark contrast to our freedom and democracy.

  6. DocBud1:28 PM

    Please elucidate, anonymous. That means please explain, you tosser. If you are trying to suggest most Muslims are not peaceful, that is palpably (obviously) untrue. There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world and most of those are not involved in violence, just as the world population is 6.5 billion and most of those are not involved in violence. I was refuting Ken's point about mainstream Islam being a religion of tolerance and understanding, it is nothing of the sort given that it is centred on a literal interpretation of the Koran. However, despite their religion being one of violence, most Muslims are not.

  7. One of those bubbled in the prog. is now back-pedalling furiously. Could he perhaps see a little trip to the airport and a free one-way ticket out of the UK looming on his horizon? To a place where he'll get what he wants? Shari'a law for instance. ;o)

    'Taken out of context' ... LMFAO! How bloody predictable!

  8. Anonymous2:15 AM


    I'm quite familair with the term "elucidate", thanks. I don't need you to explain what it means.

    I disagree with you about most muslims being so called "peacefull".

    There are numerous public opinion surveys conducted in the former Great Britian that support my claim.

    60% of British muslims surveyed, supported the the atrocoties of 7/7.

    I have forgotten the percentage of British muslims who suppot sharia law being implimented in the formerly Great Britian.

    I'm sure you can google my claims, I can't provide any links off the top of my head right now.

    If you'd care to debate me any further, I'd be happy to provide links.

    Make no mistake, islam and muslims are our sworn enemy and it is time we, in the Civilized World woke up to that fact.

    There are 1.6 Billion muslims in the world.

    If 1% of them are willing to wage jihad on us, that makes it about 160 MILLION people.

    Kinda frightening, don't you agree?

  9. Anonymous3:01 AM


    .." Please elucidate, anonymous. That means please explain,.."

    Thanks, but I'm quite familiar with the term. You must be shocked that a North American can speak English!

    I apologise for the rude way I adressed you earlier.

    However, I believe islam is a serious threat to us in the Civilized World.

    If only 1% of muslims want to make jihad on us, that would make 160 MILLION muslims looking to chop off your head.

    Rather frightening, don't you agree?

  10. Is this just fiction - or precognition?

  11. Chris Edwards1:28 PM

    docbud is right, annon, without the balls to use your real name, you are either a closet muslem or stupid, do some research (euphoric reality has some links/translations) islam is a religion of dishonesty and murder, it was founded and flourished that way (check the difference between sunni and shia for a start) the war is coming to a town near you sometime soon, a moderate muslem is one who does not insist you suffer to the max when he kills you for not adopting his brainwashing.