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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prats of The Week - Teignbridge District Council II

Prats of The WeekThe other week I awarded Teignbridge District Council my coveted, and internationally renowned, "Prats of The Week" Award for their plans to:

"scrap free car parking at its Newton Abbot headquarters.

For why?

They want to charge their staff who own cars made before January 2001, more than staff with newer cars.

For why?

Older cars are evil, because they pollute the atmosphere more.

How much will the charges be?

£1 a day for older cars, 50p a day for newer cars.

Ker farking ching!

I must now inform you that a member of the council has written to me, and is very concerned to correct this story.

These were only "plans", following consultation "staff at Teignbridge put forward some alternative ideas about the charges which councillors accepted" (ie furore from the council staff) the "plans" have been changed.

I might point out that my original article did in fact say "it is proposing to scrap free car parking..".

Which it indeed has done.

However, since it seems so important to Teignbridge I won't pick noses on this point.

There will not be a differential charge between new and old cars, all cars will be charged at a rate of 50P a day (except for electric and hybrid cars, which are free).

So that's all right then?

The council is charging its own workers for the right to park in the council car park.

Ker Farking Ching!

I am surprised that the staff have rolled over and taken this.

Maybe, now that we have heard the council's view, the staff would care to comment?

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  1. To make a mistake is human, to really cock things up you need a council....Kerching indeed Ken. I wonder how much cash this money making scheme will bring in....Perhaps you could ask the councillor for a projection Ken.....I am not surprised the yes sheep have rolled over.....I was listening to a phone in radio show last night, they were talking about strikes etc wrt BA....I was amazed how many yes sheep phoned up and said that the people should be grateful just to have a job and should be prepared to accept worse conditions or less pay and company benefits....I wonder how many companies have taken advantage of such attitudes and now expect their staff to do more for less.

    It beats me how taxing something can ever make it green(sic)....Surely, if something is damaging the enviroment, it still does whether one pays a tax or not...This appears to me to be nothing more than revenue raising, using the new religion of climate change to justify it....Politicians must be really pleased with the new religion and the opportunities it presents to tax people and for others to make their fortune....Of course, any heretic is greeted with the words; "So you want to kill the children of the future by damaging the Earth."...People that are not of the left really need to fight the left by creating our own language.....The whole of the Cultural Marxism brigade have learnt that by clever use of language, they can control the population....Political Correctness being the prime example.

  2. Well, getting the employees to pay for parking is one way to recover some of the pay increases that council employees seem to be capable of obtaining, unlike the rest of the country's workers.

    The differential between 'green' and 'not so green' cars is, of course, unacceptable even if it is measurable - which I doubt.

    However workplace parking charges, as being implemented in Nottingham, will very likely become a large area of concern in the next decade. It may become cost effective for many to not work at all. The businesses could move of course. If they do it will likely be somewhere far away with much lower costs.

    I really fear for the future of our kids. Not in 50 or 100 years from now, but in a decade or two at most.

    Oh well, the only consolation is that Brown, Blair, Cameron, et al, also have offspring likely to be adversely affected.

  3. Adrian12:05 PM

    in reply to Grant, who said...

    "Oh well, the only consolation is that Brown, Blair, Cameron, et al, also have offspring likely to be adversely affected."

    No they won't be affected. Daddy will have had his hands so deeply in the public till that they will always be able to buy themselves out of trouble.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:57 PM

    I think you'll find these charges only apply to minions. The seat-polishing parasites at the top with Prime Ministerial salaries will doubtless be exempt.

    NB my CAPTCHA was "rumpl" - how appropriate :-)

  5. Here in Nottingham the council is bringing in a "parking levy" for everyone who parks their car at work.

  6. Oh and to my shame the University of Nottingham "researcher`s" are calling for not only smoking in cars to be totally banned but to extend the ban to anywhere children are present inside or out.

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    My local hospital started chargingfor the car park the overspill parking in my road is now hell. Natch, our esteemed council parasites have free parking at the town hall plebspay to park in the road. Let's just rise up and kill them all.

  8. Anonymous4:41 PM

    "extend the ban to anywhere children are present inside or out."

    Which of course, means just about anywhere other than proper pubs, clubs, bookmakers etc.

    i.e. places that already have smoking banned.

    So by extension they actually mean ban smoking EVERYWHERE except homes where children don't live and never visit...

    Hmmm... my captcha is "desspr", very close to despair, which is exactly what I feel right now! And I don't even smoke..

  9. Following on with the off thread topic........

    The smoking ban is proposed to be extended not only in cars, but also in parks.

    So what happens to the many people that actually live in the peak and lake districts?

  10. Anonymous Adrian said...

    in reply to Grant, who said...

    "Oh well, the only consolation is that Brown, Blair, Cameron, et al, also have offspring likely to be adversely affected."

    No they won't be affected. Daddy will have had his hands so deeply in the public till that they will always be able to buy themselves out of trouble.

    12:05 PM


    Yes, that had crossed my mind but unless they 'do a Bliar' AND leave the country for somewhere on the up, like India or China if they can get in, I think the current denizens of Westminsterism are more than capable of stuffing things up so badly that even their offspring don't escape the problems or, if they do, end up as targets for the masses roaming the streets seeking cake, tumbrels and suitable lamp posts.

    I'm almost tempted to vote for Brown on the basis of dropping him more deeply into his own mess. It would be painful, certainly, but maybe one may as well experience the pain in an intense period and hope for faster relief than have it dragging on across decades and many hung parliaments.

    As for Cameron - how long has it been a green policy to have large families? Child pollution - he should be ashamed of himself.