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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Election

Vote Dick

Another week crashes down upon us and strafes our buttocks.

With all the inevitability and the tedium of an unloved season we face another general election, in which the politicians would have us believe that they actually care what we think.

The "big decision", "big ideas" and "time for change" appear to be the phrases that will be rammed down our throats.

True to form, MORI rang me last night to garner (or is it garnish?) my opinion. I put the phone down.

The sad and depressing reality is that whoever wins the next election the British public will see precious little meaningful change, aside from some tinkering with tax rates.

-We will face months of industrial unrest
-The public sector pension black hole will not be addressed
-Taxes will remain high
-Hospitals will continue to be mismanaged
-Governemtn IT projects will waste ever more billions
-Schools will continue to turn out people who are unfit for the real world
-Politicians will continue to treat us as prostrate milch cows
-The Nanny state will continue to do all it can to increase surveillance and control over the minutiae of our lives

Therefore vote for whoever claims to stand against all of the above, even if they wear a plastic bucket on their head.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis10:32 AM

    I very much regret that I have to agree with you, Ken. In my opinion, it is the bankers (who are STILL receiving massive bonuses, despite the financial mess they have got us into, not to mention the billions of taxpayers money they have received from the government) our 'wonderful' politicians in both central and local government, plus the EU which are responsible for the mess this country is in. However, it will be the ordinary, decent, honest, hard-working people of this country who will pick up the tab, and suffer as a result of increased taxation, pathetic public 'services' and more interference in our lives by Nanny, through more ridiculous elf'n'safety and political correctness, while those responsible for the mess will carry on as normal.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:21 AM

    Lord of Atlantis said

    "In my opinion, it is the bankers"

    Is that spelt with a "W"?

    A pity Lord Sutch is no longer with us. He'd have got my vote. Mind you we'll probably have a Tarquin Limbin Wimbin Fatang Fatang Ole Biscuit Barrel standing somewhere in the country (as in Liverpool Crosby a couple of elections back).

  3. My Lord, I feel the bankers have been put up as a fall guy by politicians and it is not all down to them.....They acted in much the same way as the government has if you look at it.

    I blame Mr Brown and his shabby government for all the ills of our nation.....Some bankers have acted stupidly and with a cavalier attitude but, it is one section of the banking business...The casino department....Most bankers are not well paid and don't get massive bonuses for failure.

    I agree with you Ken that whoever is nanny after the next election, be it Nu Labour or Blu Labour, we shall still be in the soft brown stuff and those of us nearer the bottom will pick up the tab for those at the top....It's the way of the world!!!

  4. Old Greeny1:09 PM

    What astonishes me is that this must be the worst EVER "Gov't" we have had and yet there are STIL morons ready to vote for them. I agree that there is no difference bewteen ZANULAB and the Tories, but I just want this shower of shit OUT. I know who I WON'T vote for, even though I have no idea as to whom I WILL vote for!!

  5. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Old Greeny's hit the nail on the head.

    Looking forward to a visit from my local prospective labour candidate and his acolytes, just for the pleasure of asking them if they think I'm quite mad enough to want another five years of their truly gruesome government, giving them the finger and shutting the door in their faces.

  6. Bucko3:48 PM

    I think youre right about the bankers getting a bit more flak than they deserve Tonk. The government seems to have whipped up a bit of a public and media frenzy against then so we will have someone else to hate for a while.

    I will be voting Conservative. Not because I like them much but because they are the only ones who stand a chance of removing these hideous control freaks currently in power.

  7. I won't be voting. By voting I vindicate their socialist, anti-freedom, bullying system. To paraphrase you, Ken, it doesn't matter who wins the election; the country will still be largely the same.

    No matter who is 'in charge' come 6th May, I will still be forced to hand over my hard-earned money to an organisation (the govt.) comprised of individuals I'll likely never meet, charging whatever the hell they choose for their services, doing whatever the hell they like to me if I don't comply, and doing whatever the hell they choose with that money that I broke sweat to earn - including, sending other people’s kids to school; repairing Saturday night drunkards and their carnage; taking peoples' children from them; paying for women to get breast implants and designer v@ginas; and funding estates full of delightful folks to a) sit on their @rses doing f@ck all day and/or b) lie on their backs happily breeding more additions to the perpetual welfare state, thus contributing to the ever increasing production/consumption unbalance.

    Ho hum.

    To freedom,


  8. I did not vote for nine years. I didn't even bother to register on the electoral role for a couple. Last year I registered and voted UKIP in the MEP elections. Not a wasted vote, because the European elections have left behind the archaic 'first past the post' system and adopted PR. Unless you live in a strange place which has a LibDem MP, then I suppose any vote other than Lab or Con is a waste. I will still vote however, UKIP if there is one or anyone else other than Lab or Con, even though I know that the result of the election is which dictator gets to carry on the momentum.

  9. Number 67:09 PM

    Sod them all, they are just regional managers for the super socialist EU. I am voting UKIP and I suspect many more old style Conservatives will do the same.