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Friday, April 09, 2010

The Media Serves Nanny

Sad to see that during this period of great electoral "excitement" that certain sections of the media (not just the shouty tabloids) have become obsessed with the party leaders' wives, and what they are wearing.

I understand that at least one shouty media organisation makes a daily phone call to each party HQ to ask what exactly the leaderenes will be wearing that day.

Now call me old fashioned, but would it not better serve the voters' interests if the media focused on policies, candidates and the key issues?

I have no doubt that the parties are delighted to avoid the hard questions by providing fashion information in excruciating detail (after all they have been very keen to parade the ladies in front of the media). Doubtless they feel that by pandering to the perceived "aspirations" of the "mumsnet" target demographic they will swing the election.

However, the unholy alliance between the media and the parties is doing an incredible disservice to the voters.

Is it any wonder that we have ended up with the dismal choice that we are now facing?

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  1. Amen to that Ken!!!

    I feel it is all part of the Americanisation of our political process and (Attack dogs remain in kennels, this is not an anti American attack) I have even heard Sam and Dave and Sarah and Gordon refered to as "potential first couples" by one of the 24 hour news channels.
    With the advent of twenty four hour news and televised parliament, presentation and image has become more important than policy and substance.....A dumbed down political process for a dumbed down population; A socialist's dream.

    I wonder just which constituency the "first women"(sic) are standing in and just who is paying for their jollies....I recall a former PM putting down his wife's very expensive hair do as an election expense, which to be honest, I could have done for her with a tractor, a rope and a hedge.

  2. I think it is tremendously hypocritical that the party leaders are using their wives in such a way.

    These are the bastards that have been pushing equality and interfering in private businesses to enforce a ‘gender balance’, but as soon as it suits them, they parade their wives like Barbie dolls to show their ‘human side’.

    I wouldn’t normally mind, but it is only the Liberal leader’s wife that is at all shag-worthy.

    Now if it were the French President’s wife that would be entirely different. I would give her one and no mistake.

  3. Bucko1:36 PM

    "tractor, a rope and a hedge."
    Ha ha ha - stop endangering my brew, Tonk.

    Ken - It might just be about time to get the party leaders on "Dancing on Ice" (or some other inane shite). Whoever wins gets the Prime Ministership.
    I bet voter turnout would be a lot higher than in a boring old election.

    How about "Im a party leader, get me out of here".
    "Big Brother" (Socialist candidates only - see how they fooking like it)
    Remember "Through the Keyhole" with Lloyd Grossman? We could have "(Talking) Through the Arsehole".
    "Farmer wants a subsidy"
    "Worlds Wildest Sleeze Videos"
    "Extreme Makeover: 10 Downing St Edition"
    "Twat Camp"
    "The Weakest Link (Goodbye)"

    Sorry Im waffling......

  4. Bucko - I like your ideas. Better still the income from the voting would pay for the event (on a 'polluter pays' basis) and the cost savings for avoiding polling stations and the like would probably pay off the national debt.

    Then the 'leaders' could simply select who they want in their party after the results are know which would save all this crab about 'paracguting' people into safe seats based on their camera friendliness.

    I'd call the system 'Disproportionate representation'.


    The reason that the media like the fashion thing is that only women actually read popular papers (other than the sports pages) with few exceptions. ANd they dont do politics.

    Women can't do politics because there isn't any politicking to do when just about all the policies are the same as far as the 3 'main' parties are concerned.

    Thus when the media need something to report they look for differences between which they can create 'news'. The leaderene fashions seem to be the only differences that the media (and, I suspect, the parties themselves) want to be compared on.

    There may be some politics coming up on the streets if people think they are being conned on energy prices (ref. recent events in Kryg ... that former Russian region) and when the rolling blackouts arrive in a few years from now. But those are things most likely for the next election.

    I'm ever so tempted to vote for Labour on the basis that if Brown were to win he would be stronger within the party (most of the big names having taken the Blair option towards personal wealth enhancement) and therefore wouold have 5 years suffering the problems of sorting out the mess he has created in what looks like a scorched earth policy leading up to the election.

    But then there is little of importance in this election in a political sense. Fiscally we are likely to be managed by external influences and politically by decisions made in the EU labyrinth. The council of the Parish of the UK really have f-all to do, which is why hardly anyone turns up for the debates in Westminster.

    Now there's a thought. We could have Westminster closed and razed to the ground (to prevent any terrorists attacking it) and save the cost of the national debt all over again!

    Now thsat might harm the tourist trade but I feel sure we could have a suitable backdrop created to cater for photo opportunities and for virtual tourists a file could be provided as a background for use with suitable photo editing programs. Nominal fee, cut the hassle fo travel from you life AND reduce CO2 thereby saving the planet and a Polar Bear/Select fauna of choice.

    Or, perhaps better, replace the 'Palace' with a wind farm and tie in the parliamentarian's pension pots with a schedule of being present at the site in order to produce enough hot air to keep the turbines spinning.

    Today's Verification word is 'nominon'. How do they come up with character strings that regularly show relevance to the subject matter?