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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mummy Knows Best

I take my life in my hands by wading into the fuss caused by Mumsnet over the "padded bikinis" sold by Primark (now withdrawn by Primark) for under teens.

I take the point about "sexualisation" of kids too early etc. However, is it not up to the parents of the kids themselves to decide whether their sprogs should have a padded bikini or not?

Why should a single issue pressure group dictate what stores can and cannot sell?

I think what really got my goat over the whole issue was seeing the founder of Mumsnet on Newsnight the other day, saying:

"We want organisations to work with us..."

What she actually meant was:

"We want organisations to do as we say, or we will screw their business up."

As noted above, I dare say I have taken my life in my hands by daring to disagree with Mumsnet:)

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  1. Mr Potato Head11:07 AM

    I agree totally Ken. We are fast becoming a society too scared to stand up to thoughtless bullies, who perhaps mean well but have power well beyond their standing.

    If I were you though, don't answer the door to strangers for a while, and check your car's brakes still work when you set off in the morning!

    Two words: bunny boiler!!


  2. Eye Ken. What a load of tosh. There was the headline "pedo bikini" on the sun or something yesterday.

    Its the same deal with that Facebook panic button thats in the media at the moment. What are they called? CEOP or something? They also want Facebook to "work with them". And as long as Facebook do exactly as they are told then they will be working with them. Anything less is "irresponsible".

    Anyway, I dont see what the fuss is about. There is a button on every Facebook page for people who are being bullied ect. Its called the fucking OFF button.

    Sorry for the digression....

  3. Ken,

    Couldn't agree more....It is indeed the choice of the parents as to what they dress their child in....I personally find it crazy that anyone would choose to put a padded top onto a kid of seven but, it would appear there is a market for such items or the shop would not have sold them....They do tend to do a lot of research into such things.

    I think this is all part of another bigger issue that I have voiced on here before....Treating children like adults and adults like children.....Kids today loose their childhood and Nanny's plans to teach sex education to CHILDREN as young as five, to me sounds a bit perverted to say the least.

    The other issue is that we give far too much power to single issue groups and as you rightly say Ken, they bully the rest of us....Work with us, See sense, Sort it out, these are all phrases these groups use to bully us....If that doesn't work, they then come up with various, isms, ists, or phobes to label people with that don't go along with their very narrow minded view.

    I say let parents decide and, if enough choose not to put their kids in such sexulised clothing, the shiops will not stock the items as there will be no viable market for the items.

    Message to Mumsnet members....Hey big deal, you've had a kid....So what, human kind have always managed to do this...Get over yourselves and concentrate on your own lives, if you want to dictate policy, stand for election..

  4. I don’t pretend to know everything about pedophiles, but I do know that they almost always are attracted to a certain specific age range and gender.

    For instance, a pedophile may be attracted to girls between 5 and 8 years old, but find girls under and above that age to be totally unattractive. He will also consider a ‘relationship’ with a girl below his specific age as being abhorrent.

    I cannot think why any pedophile would want a young girl to look older. They are not interested in ‘curves’, quite the opposite. They want their victims to be flat chested, immature and innocent.

    If anything, an older looking girl would be less likely to attract the attentions of a pedophile.

    So who exactly is Mumsnet trying to protect these young girls from?

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:41 PM

    Watch out Ken, Mumsnet have declared a Fatwa on you.

    Be afraid, be VERY afraid.

  6. Lord of Atlantis2:23 PM

    Tonk said: "....I think this is all part of another bigger issue that I have voiced on here before....Treating children like adults and adults like children.....Kids today loose their childhood and Nanny's plans to teach sex education to CHILDREN as young as five, to me sounds a bit perverted to say the least."

    Well said, Tonk! But there hasn't been such an outcry against this, presumably because it has been sponsored by ZanuLabour?
    Oh, and Ken, If I were you, I should be very careful about opening any letters or parcels you may receive in the next few days!

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    My understanding is that one argument against 'size-zero models' was that many "paedos" prefer their objects of desire NOT to have breasts? If that is so, perhaps a bit of padding might be a dis-incentive?

  8. It seems quite simple to me……..

    You can dress your 7 year old daughter in conventional clothes, in which case they are the potential targets for pedophiles that have a predilection for girls of that age.

    Or you can dress them in clothes that may make them look like 9 or 10 year olds in the stages of early puberty, in which case they become the potential victims of pedophiles who prefer their victims a little older.

    All this is a dilemma for any brain dead parents who believe the media hype that there are pedophiles lurking around every corner.

    But there aren’t, and there never has been.

    So dress them up any way you and they like.