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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bin Brother - Euro Nanny

As the EU teeters on the edge of collapse (don't celebrate too much, its impending collapse is causing havoc in the global markets) it is "reassuring" to see that the Euro Nanny still has her priorities right.

Some daft bunch of zealots ("The Campaign fro Real Recycling") have won the right to a review in December of of the UK's interpretation of the EU's Waste Framework Directive.

The review will determine whether allowing people to dispose of their rubbish in one bin is contravening the spirit of the EU guidelines on refuse disposal.

CRR claim that mixed waste is often so contaminated that it can only be sold off in Asia, where it may be sorted by poorly-paid workers, including children (who of course would starve if they didn't earn money from tasks such as this).

Prepare yourselves for more councils forcing people to sort their waste between five or more bins!

On the bright side, the EU should have collapsed by the end of the year; hence there will be no directive to follow!

Follow the daily updates of the Euro crisis on my finance site. I am given the understand that our "beloved" EU "leaders" and bureaucrats are currently shit scared of what is happening, but are of course incapable of proving the leadership necessary to resolve this self inflicted crisis.

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  1. Adrian11:08 AM

    Ken said:
    "On the bright side, the EU should have collapsed by the end of the year"

    We can but live in hope, though I doubt this will come about while they can still spend countless £billions of OUR money trying to prop up this corrupt mega-bureaucracy. Still, dreams do sometimes come true and I long for the day when the EU is no more and we in Britain can do our own thing.

  2. It must only be in this country where we will pay more and more and get less and less and eventually end up doing the thing we've paid for ourselves and still pay for it.

    I hope the EUSSR and the whole of the global socialist movement ends.

    I am English first, British second but European, NEVER!!!

  3. Adolf O Hitlerstein3:11 PM

    Silence you British fools and be upstanding for Ode to Joy your new national anthem. The EU vill last ein thousand years or until ve run out of your money whichever comes first.

  4. Adrian beat me to it!

  5. Trader on BBC says Eurozone will crash:

    This guy will probably wash up on the banks of the Thames in a few days time. Accidents happen . . .