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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prats of The Week - Waltham Forest Council

Well stap me vitals..tis time methinks for another "Pats of The Week" Award.

This week it goes to Waltham Forest Council.

For why?

Just ask Linda Bracey, owner of Electro Signs, who fell foul of the council's environmental police.

What was her "crime"?

She gave away spare cardboard boxes to a passer-by, one of which ended up on a fly tipping site. Despite the fact that Mrs Bracey did not dump the box herself, the council decided to take her to court for illegally disposing of business waste.

Can you guess what happened in court?

Yes, that's right, the judge ( Judge Alex Milne QC) called for an outbreak of commonsense and the jury acquitted her.

The cost to the taxpayer of Waltham Forest Council's absurd decision to prosecute was £15K.

Waltham Forest Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

Councils are the enemies of the people.

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  1. Mjolinir10:41 AM

    Look forward to seeing more public money expended by Councils prosecuting supermarkets for allowing customers to re-use empty boxes they leave out near tills for that purpose.

    [Years ago my wife ran Sheltered Housing for the elderly. A local bakery used to bring round any unsold cream cakes &c at 5pm on Saturday. Until the 'Environment' pointed out that - the moment they decided the goods could not be 'sold' before BBDate - they were industrial waste and had to be land-filled. Seems it might have been OK if someone had gone to the shop and made them an offer?]

  2. Too many common purpose infested idiots working for too many of our local councils.

    Good for the Judge....Hat tipped to you your honour!!

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:07 PM

    Tonk said
    "Good for the Judge....Hat tipped to you your honour!!"

    Hear hear! Seconded.

    Amazing isn't it, while theives, thugs and divers other scrotes are free to roam the streets, we can always find court time (and prison places) to deal with anybody who dares to cross our nasty little corporatised Town Halls.

    Yes, Local Council plc is the enemy of the people.

  4. Mjolinir8:02 PM

    This from David Hughes, Daily Telegraph Chief leader writer -

    //The council ran up legal costs of £15,000 over the box. It is the response of the council, however, that really takes the biscuit. Clyde Loakes, a Waltham Forest councillor, said the judgement was "unhelpful" but it would not stop the authority taking similar action in future in pursuit of "this type of irresponsible behaviour". The Band D council tax payment in the area is almost £1,500 a year, so the payments of ten households have been devoted to this one, futile case. Perhaps Councillor Loakes should think more carefully when he condemns others for "irresponsible behaviour".//

  5. Lord of Atlantis2:48 PM

    Mjolinir: The judge ought to have the council's CEO brought before him on a charge of contempt of court, which their response seems tantamount to, in my opinion! The only other point I should like to make is to ask why the innocent council tax payers of Waltham Forest should foot the bill for the council's incompetence and bloodymindedness? In my opinion, the council's leaders should have to pay the costs. If this were to happen, it would soon put a stop to nonsense of this sort!