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Friday, November 04, 2011

Booze Matters - Beware False Data

I am gemused to read that apparently 4% of 12 to 13-year-olds drank 28 or more units of alcohol in the last week.

This is the "reality" and a "fact" according to a study by the Schools Health Education Unit.

Beer, larger and cider are popular choices with boys, while girls are opting for wine and spirits, the study found.

The source of the data?


Please pull the other one!

When did a child ever not exaggerate when asked about his/her capacity to drink, outperform others in sports, sexual prowess, fag smoking capability etc etc?

Let us not base government policy on "I can out drink me mates" surveys carried out on children!

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  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Another waste of fucking time ‘apparent’ survey.

    I use the word apparent because I am yet to meet anyone who has ever taken part in, or knows anyone else that has ever taken part in one of these studies.

    I reckon they are all made up, at great expense.

    And what the fuck is the point of this latest one?

    It is already illegal to sell alcohol to kids, and has been for decades; but kids being kids will always find a way of obtaining ‘forbidden’ stuff; and 28 units?......depends what a unit is I suppose.

    When I was young everyone knew which off license to go to where there were no questions asked, we all knew which shop to buy fags from. We also knew the best places to shoplift (Woolworths and C&A were favourite), we knew the best places to get a meal and ‘do a runner’ before the bill came (Wimpy Bars were good, but never from a Chinese restaurant, them fuckers came after you with meat cleavers!)

    Happy Days……………..

  2. Ken,

    You echo the thoughts I had when I first read this story.