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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Brighton Council Performs Half A U-turn

Loyal readers will recall that I recently wrote about Brighton council's daft and greedy idea to charge £20 per day for people parking along Madeira Drive on the seafront here:
"The council as from 1 April are now charging £20 per day (an increase of £16 from the current winter rate of £4 per day) for the privilege of parking in car parking spaces along Madeira Drive.


That makes Brighton the most expensive place in the UK in which to park!

Ker Farking Ching!  

Not only that, but the meters only accept £1 coins (they do not take notes or cards).

In one fell swoop the council have made Brighton seafront the least attractive place in the country to park.
Following a public drubbing, the council have performed a U-turn, or rather half a U-turn on parking charges.

The council now plan to introduce a new eight-hour tariff costing £15 in the seafront high zone, which includes Madeira Drive.

The £20 all-day charge is still in place.

A new medium tariff zone on Hove seafront from the Peace Statue to east of Fourth Avenue will cost a maximum of £10.

It is clearly a step in the right direction, but not enough. It is clear that public pressure, as with so many of Nanny's other daft ideas, has forced a change of heart and that the Green’s plans are unravelling.

Therefore further pressure should ensure that the council reduce the charges even more.

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  1. Are there elections in Brighton today? If so, let's hope the eco-Nazis get a drubbing.

  2. No elections in Brighton.

  3. Tonk.4:20 PM

    This is what happens when you elect water melons into power. (green on the outside, red on the inside.)

    Being green sounds all nice and fluffy but, those that try to force it onto others are just like any other left wing official.
    Power and control; that is why the left love the EUSSR and the new false religion of climate change....More opportunities to tax and boss people about.

    Although I am a lifelong Conservative, today I have lent my vote to UKIP because I do not want in any way, to endorse Mr Cameron's version of Conservatism because he is no more Conservative than I am the Queen of Sheeba.