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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Wanking Month

As loyal readers know this site tends to concentrate on UK Nanny (quite simply put I would be writing articles 24/7 if I covered international Nanny). However, sometimes there comes piece of international Nannyism that is worth mentioning (even if it is just for a laugh).

My thanks therefore to A Modern Military Mother for alerting me to the fact that for the good people of the USA it is National Wanking Month.

Time was, in the UK anyhoo, that Nanny preached about the evils of wanking wrt it causing madness, blindness, fatigues etc. Some schools went as far as sewing up the pockets of schoolboys, lest they inadvertently fiddle with themselves.

How times have changed, now you can visit video chat rooms and be confronted with wall to wall wanking (whether you want to see it or not).

Anyhoo, the fact that Nanny is now telling us to do something that she once told us not to do just shows how ridiculous she is, and also demonstrates that we should always take her advice with a large pinch of salt (which she also doesn't approve of).
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  1. Ha ha! It's official it's good for you! An orgasmic systemic flush! Thanks for the linky!

  2. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hopefully my new book about masturbation will be in the shops for next year's American Wanking Month.

    It's about wanking over a small, chocolate covered peanut.

    It's coming on a treat...................

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Today I decided to celebrate National Wanking Month in style.

    I spread out all my treasured copies of Razzle on the sofa, had my box of Kleenex handy, dropped my pants and went at it, wanking for Britain.

    Now I am banned from DFS for life.

  4. Tonk.5:14 PM

    That's good news then!

    I remember my Dad coming into the bathroom and saying to me that'll make you go blind.....I said I'm actually over here Dad.