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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nanny Hates Fast Food - KFC Is Good For You

In the event that this article in the Mail is true, then it appears that hospital food contains more salt and fat that Nanny's much hated fast food
"A Big Mac burger is healthier than three quarters of hospital meals, a study has revealed. 

The survey, carried out by the campaign group Sustain, found that 75 per cent of NHS food contained more saturated fat that McDonald's signature burger, while 60 per cent had more salt. 

 In one case, a curry contained six times more fat that a KFC zinger burger with fries and on another occasion a pasta dish was found to have more than three times a person's daily recommended saturated fat intake and twice their salt limit."
Does this mean, given what I wrote yesterday, that Nanny will be banning people from eating in hospitals?

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  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Who are these bastards that go around constantly analysing food and what is the fucking point?

    It’s food, get it down your neck!

    Too fat?........Eat less, exercise more.
    Too thin?.......Eat more.
    Got the shits?........Eat some eggs.
    Can’t shit?.......Eat some All-Bran.
    No energy?..........Eat meat.
    Pasty looking?........Stop being a fucking veggie.
    Bad skin?.......Cut down on the chocolate.
    Got scurvy?...........Eat oranges.

    This is common sense. Things we have known for centuries. We don’t need some CUNT telling us about salt content and saturated fat!

    Try telling some starving people in Africa that some food is bad for them.

  2. HERE is an article about some fat women.
    Caution - contains photos which may offend Nanny. They are wearing Team GB official kit.