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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bin Brother - Brighton Binmen Strike

Deep sigh!

Here in the Green "paradise" of Brightonia the binmen have gone on strike.

Call me old fashioned, but the one service that councils provide that absolutely everyone (resident and visitor) sees the results of, or comes into contact with, is that of refuse collection and street cleaning; ie it is the one service that the council really ought not to fark up!

Ironically councils throughout the land manage to fark it up on a regular basis!

Anyhoo, here is the council statement:

"None of our refuse, recycling or street cleansing crews are working today as a result of unofficial industrial action by our workforce in relation to pay negotiations.  Today is the second day that the service is not operating.

If you were due a refuse or recycling collection yesterday, Wednesday 8 May or today, Thursday 9 May, it will not take place.

Around 40,000 households will be affected by this disruption.  

The communal refuse and recycling vehicles are also not operating.  We are aware that this is resulting in bins overflowing.

Given the scale of the disruption we will not be able to collect missed refuse and recycling until your next scheduled collection day.  

Currently we expect collections to take place as follows:

This may be subject to change and we will update this page regularly with the latest available information.

If your collection has been missed we advise you to take your rubbish and recycling to one of our household waste sites on Wilsons Avenue in Brighton or Old Shoreham Road in Hove or to wait until your next scheduled collection.

We are working hard to hire in extra vehicles and agency staff for next week to be able to deal with the extra volume of waste and recycling as a result of the missed collections.

Due to the disruption we are not taking any reports of missed collections and we will not be able to give you any additional information over the phone.  

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Service disruption FAQ

Why can't you hire in extra staff and vehicles to catch up on missed collections?
We employ over 100 staff on refuse and recycling who are out every day making refuse and recycling collections from 20,000 households.  They use a fleet of more than 30 specialist HGV vehicles.
Our staff know their rounds and are trained to drive and operate our refuse and recycling vehicles.   Because of this specialist knowledge and equipment we can not simply hire in 100 agency staff and 30 refuse and recycling vehicles to catch up the missed work.

What we are doing is trying to recruit agency staff and additional vehicles to make sure we collect as much of the extra waste and recycling on the next scheduled collection day.   "

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  1. I wonder if the binmen will refuse to take away bins that are over flowing or don't have their lids down next week....Perhaps they'll issue fines to pay for the extra staff required.

    If you want to scare yorself: read the Green Party's policies on their website.....Stalin would be so proud!

  2. I fully support the strike and I'm glad it just ended.
    Well, it's suspended for 28 days, but there is a new deal with the council and they're back at work.