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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Nanny Bans Knobs

Oh dear I see that Nanny continues to believe that we are not capable of controlling our appetites and, as such, she must do it for us by rationing our food intake.

This time Nanny's gimlet eye has fallen on portion sizes of biscuits, doughnuts, cakes and milky drinks. Nanny wants food manufacturers, cafes and supermarkets to  reduce the portion size of these items.

However, even Nanny has realised that these plans may in fact be bollocks.

Can you see the problem children?

Yes, that's right, people will simply buy more of the smaller portions. The Telegraph notes that even Nanny's Department of Health realises this.

The other obvious point (obvious to everyone except Nanny) is that customers will be ripped off by retailers et al, as the prices charged will not be reduced proportionately in line with the portion size reduction.

Nonetheless Nanny's Department of Health has created evidence (or has done "scientific" research - take your pick) that "shows" that biscuits alone contribute 6% of daily saturated fat intake of a child aged between four and 10.


Why doesn't Nanny simply issue us with some war time ration books, and be done with the pretence that she believes in individual choice and freedom?

Anyhoo, restrictions on the size of biscuits will meet fierce resistance from the knob throwers of Cattistock.

My advice to all and sundry is "hang on to your knobs, lest Nanny takes them away!"
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  1. I must be a lucky so and so because, I have survived many decades without having Nanny tell me what I can and cannot eat, what I can and cannot drink and what I can and cannot do......As I say, I am either very lucky to have survived so long without Nanny's advice or, Nanny is talking rubbish and feeling she has to say something, anything, just to justify her very existence.

  2. Sounds like a re-run of the salt shaker debacle. Provide new ones with less holes, and forget that customers will just shake them for longer...

  3. Anonymous1:19 PM

    If it were 60% of saturated fat came from biscuits I'd be worried. But I'd count a 6% intake from biscuits as positive news. Not something to try and sensationalise or worry about.