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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 03, 2013

Child Safety Cap Advice

Dear all

Try as I might, I cannot open my newly purchased bottle of Mr Muscle drain unblocker.

The product's child safety cap will simply not budge.

Aside from me taking a hacksaw to it, does anyone out have any advice as to how I may open this?



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  1. Get a child to open it for you. Their smaller hands can fit round the bottle top.

  2. Adrian9:14 PM

    Might I suggest that you insert your can of drain unblocker into the rectum of one of your local Councillors and give it a sharp turn in an anti-clockwise direction.

    It may not get the top off, but if it does you could take the opportunity while it is still in there to inject a substantial quantity of the unblocker where it might do some good.

  3. Unless they've changed the cap design it's easy-peasy. Hold bottle by the handle in your right hand. Press down with the heel of your left hand and rotate cap anti-clockwise.
    It's the pressing down bit which releases the lock.

  4. Howard10:08 PM

    My old man (84 and counting) can't open a tin of spam, a 1-litre bottle of milk (plastic variety), a tub of ice-cream, his tablet containers, anything that requires tearing by hand and many other household objects.

    I try to help him - and I struggle.

    The old will die of starvation because they can't open things they used to.