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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Not Nice Fag Tests

As loyal readers know, Nanny hates fags and wants us all to stop smoking.

Oddly though, she is perfectly happy to make a nice little earner out of taxing fags.

Anyhoo, Nanny's latest anti fag campaign is being spearheaded by our old chums from Nice (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence). Nice want all expectant mothers to take breath tests, not for booze (yet) but for fags.

Errmmm..unless I have missed something, smoking has not yet been declared to be illegal in this country has it?

In the event that an expectant mother agrees or (more accurately) is bullied into taking the test, and she has been found to be smoking, what will Nanny do next?

Answer: bully the woman into quiting!

Given that the tests doubtless cost money, and that the offered "cure" for smoking also costs money, a cynic might wonder if Nanny and her minions had any financial interests in the companies that offer the test kits and/or "cures" for smoking.

Views on that cynical thought anyone?

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  1. I suspect most "soon to be mothers" would happily go along with this latest intrusion because they have been conditioned to by our indoctrination system aka our education system.

    Kids are taught to question everything bar the state.

    I really hate what we have let our country become.

  2. Anonymous11:20 PM


    I wouldn't put it past our US nanny to try the same thing, tho it would violate a billion constitutional rights...unreasonable search and seizure, right to due process, right to not incriminate one's self just to name a few. Not that any of this will matter in another generation. Luckily, I'll be dead.