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Monday, May 20, 2013

Prats of The Week - The EC

Ooh the start of a new week, heralded by grey gloomy overcast skies.

What better way to lift our spirits than to award a Prats of The Week Award?

This week it goes to the ever "popular" and "respected" EC.

In their infinite "wisdom" the Gnomes of Brussels have turned their attention to that most pressing of problems, olive oil served in restaurants.

Normal people, such as ourselves, are quite capable of remonstrating with a waiter if the olive oil presented for dipping or pouring turns out to be petrol or some such derivative. However, in the minds of the Gnomes from Brussels such assertive customer action is not good enough.

The Gnomes have decreed that traditional olive oil jugs will be banned from restaurants across Europe as from 2014. Instead restaurants will be forced to use non refillable, pre-packaged factory bottles with tamperproof lids.

No more dipping, no more artisan specially produced olive oil; instead we will be forced to imbibe factory produced muck (doubtless the factory produced olive oil will be the same "high quality" type of shite that is used in processed foods!).

The fact that the EC chooses to focus on olive oil, rather than the more pressing issues of (eg) youth unemployment in Greece being at 64% or the fact that processed meat products contain all manner of shite, says a lot about the unelected Gnomes that rule our lives.

The EC, well deserving Prats of the Week!

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  1. Mmmmm.....I wonder if a high level politician in Brussels has an interest in a large, olive oil processing plant?

    Where will this looney policy go next?.....Salt and Pepper pots? Tea Pots? Butter swirls? etc etc

    The sooner we get out of the socialist superstate, which is the EUSSR, the better.

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:55 PM

    I quite agree! It is high time these non elected busybodies ceased poking their nose in business that does not concern them!

  3. As with the beef scandal, the only proof of quality will be the paperwork.