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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Brighton Council Wasting Taxpayers' Money

Congratulations to the minority Green controlled council of Brighton and Hove for finding new ways of wasting council taxpayers' hard earned money.

This time the Greens have decided to spend £230K on a referendum as to whether local taxpayers want their council tax increased by a gut busting 4.75%.

At this stage the actual referendum may well be simply pie in the sky, as it needs to be voted on first by the council in February; given that the Greens are a minority administration, the plan can be scuppered by the opposition parties.

However, in the event that the referendum is held, it will be akin to asking turkeys to vote for Christmas!

I predict a resounding no vote if placed before the voters.

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  1. Only if the number of council tax paying voters outweighs the number who have their council tax paid for them.
    People getting free stuff will always vote for tax rises.

  2. Tonk.7:17 PM

    The Greens......Just another group of high spending socialists....They may be green on the outside but, they are very red underneath.

    When I write to my local council regarding my council tax....I always address the envelope "The Rip Off Department" it always gets to the council tax department. If I call my council on it's "Award winning customer service helpline" (ffs) I find it winds them up if I ask for the rip off department; that's got to be a good thing!