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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 03, 2014

Nanny Bans Scousers

I see that ITV recently had an attack of Nannyitis, and decided that a comedy show’s creators should be banned from using the word “Scouser” or describing a drunk character as Australian because the terms had "racial" connotations.

Laurence Marks, the co-creator of Birds of a Feather, said it was “odd” that British broadcasters would allow four-letter tirades on air but baulked at traditional humour playing on national and regional stereotypes.

The Telegraph reported that he said he was told that it was “unacceptable” racial stereotyping to say somebody was Australian and drunk.

On another occasion, he said he and his writing partner Maurice Gran fell foul of rules prohibiting the use of the word “Scouser” to describe someone from Liverpool.

Calm down!

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  1. Interesting since ITV network can't currently find enough ways to deliver Keith Lemon to us poor mortals.

  2. I'm from Australia and ya know what? This show is right. We do have a big drinking culture here and even our own media is pointing this out a lot lately. How is it racist for the U.K. to do likewise?

  3. Australian is not a "race" it is a nationality. Plus the last group of people I can imagine taking to their fainting couches for how they are depicted of TV, is Scousers.

  4. Speaking as a red-haired Scot who was brought up largely in the south of England I know a fair few "racist" epithets: still here, no lasting damage done, and guilty as the rest of them in employing the same sort of stuff in the other direction. Now, with all this banning Britain will be producing a bunch of pansies (err, perhaps that word is offensive to flowers?) who will curl up and die when they go somewhere 'real' such as Kenya and somebody calls them by whatever word Kenyans use when they want to be a bit nasty to people with white skin.