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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The End of The Cinnamon Roll As We Know It

My sympathies to the good people of Denmark, who may have enjoyed their last Christmas eating kanelsnegler (cinnamon rolls).

For why?

It seems that Euro Nanny wants to ban them, because they contain levels of coumarin (a natural toxic chemical) that exceed EU limits. Sadly the chemical is found in cassi, the cinnamon used in baking the rolls.

Quite how many Danes have died from eating kanelsnegler is not clear, I doubt it to be that many!

However, the Danish food safety agency is taking no chances, and intends to implement EU rules. The irony being that in Sweden the Swedes are ignoring the rules, and are happily munching their way through kanelbullar (which contains three times the permitted levels of cinnamon).

Hardy Christensen, the head of the Danish Baker's Association, was quoted by the Telegraph:
"It's the end of the cinnamon roll as we know it.
Cinnamon rolls are of course a traditional Danish baked product. We've been making bread and cakes with cinnamon for 200 years."
Cinnamon is used in many dishes, eg curry, will Nanny be banning that as well?

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  1. Robin Juhani11:57 AM

    Grim news indeed :(
    [typo: 'kanelbullar' på Svenska]

  2. I really wonder how these bureaucrats minds work. The world has crumbling economy, rampant unemployment and we are barely staving off the 4 horseman of war, pestilence , famine and death and THIS is what they worry about? Resistance is futile!