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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Ker Farking Ching - The Greed of Councils

As we greet 2014, in the hope that it will be bearable, let me congratulate Brighton and Hove council for being in the top five of councils ranked by how much money they raised via parking charges and penalty notices in 2012/13.

Brighton and Hove trousered £16.3M last year, the most of any authority outside London.

Green councillor Ian Davey, the council's lead member for transport, was quoted by The Argus:
The council does not make a profit from parking, nor do we set out to make a surplus. 

Our policy on parking is reflected in our sustainable transport programme which aims to tackle poor air quality, keep the city moving, manage parking availability and improve road safety.”
Whatever the council may say, many of Brighton's businesses rely on tourists; if the council is too greedy wrt parking charges, they will simply visit other towns instead.

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  1. When the criminal justice system is used as little more than an extension to HMRC, both are brought into disrepute.

    Councils love to say they don't make money from these fines(sic) but, I suggest they do; if a council has a road budget for £x, will the actual spend be £x plus the kerchings? I doubt it it so, in effect, money is moved from a council's road budget to another budget(perhaps councillor's pensions and jollies) and the kerchings fill the hole made by the transfer.

    Being "Green" had a much different meaning when I was a lad but many of these so called eco groups do appear to be green in the sense of being immature, nieve and lacking experience so perhaps, the meaning of being green hasn't really changed that much at all.