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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fat vs Sugar

I was hugely gemused, but not at all surprised, to see in a documentary about sugar last night that low fat foods (eg yoghurt) contain tons of sugar (in order to make up for the lack of taste lost by removing the fat.

The consequences being that we actually gain more weight and are prone to diabetes. BTW the increase in diabetes will cost the health service more to treat than obesity.


Reduce your sugar intake and increase your fat (not trans fats) intake (as nature intended)!

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  1. Or, just cut down on the processed, manufactured foodstuffs......This will give YOU control of what enters YOUR body. I would not insult my body by putting a ready meal or any of the other "value range" products which shops sell these days.

    Handy old fashioned tip......Everything in moderation.

  2. Toy Trumpet11:33 AM

    There's been a problem since the marketing people realised that people equate "low fat" with "not fattening".

    I've even seen marshmallows marketing as being "virtually fat free". Really? Wow. Is that because they are made from sugar and not fat, I wonder?