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Monday, October 10, 2016

Nanny Tries To Ban The National Anthem

Oh dear I see some student Nanny from Kings College London has got his knickers in a twist over our 250 year old national anthem.

Mahamed Abdullahi, the vice president for welfare and community at King’s College London, has called for it to be immediately axed from official services at the university because it was “outdated” and “just a bit shit”.

Fellow students wrote to Abdullahi suggesting that he “respect the traditions of the university and the country in which we study”.

In a post on social media, Abdullahi quoted by the Telegraph said:
Hey guys, I want to get rid of the national anthem at graduation because it’s outdated and not reflective of the ‘global’ values that the college espouses.

In the context of increasing far Right nationalism across Europe and the legacy of the British empire, it’s just a bit shit and it doesn’t even bang. Basically, fuck the nation state.”

James Findon, created an online petition in response to Abdullahi’s post.
We, the undersigned, believe that the National Anthem should stay as an important tradition at our graduation ceremonies.” 
It was quickly backed by hundreds of signatures on Sunday afternoon.

Nice to see that not every student is infected with pcitis!

That said, I personally prefer Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory. However, I suspect the university might find those songs a wee bit "dated".

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    The National Anthem is shit.

    I feel sorry for the footballers that are now expected to sing it.

    Instead of a rally to arms it is a fucking dirge, written by some sycophant who thought that the whole nation had an overwhelming desire to be reigned over.

    It has fuck all to do with Britain. It is just a piece of monarch ass licking.

    The Italians have a good one. ‘Who can beat us?’…..’Let us unite, we are ready to die’. Inspiring stuff.