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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The CPS Is Coming For You!

Make the most of the internet folks, and all those humorous images you share, whilst you can.

As per the FT:
"Internet abusers who formulate derogatory hashtags or post doctored images of their victims online could face prosecution under new legal guidelines.

The rules, set out by the Crown Prosecution Service, aim to make online “trolls” more accountable for their actions while trying not to stifle freedom of speech. Those who breach the regulations by harassing others on social media would be liable for criminal charges."
One day the CPS may come for you!

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  1. Obviously the CPS still think Orwell book as a book on instruction, not as he intended, a book of warning about the likes of the CPS. The S does stand for "stupid" naturally, empire building at its worst.

  2. If they try to arrest every internet troll they'll be working non-stop 24/7!