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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Girls With Guns Deemed Sexist

Commiserations to Greater Manchester Police for drawing the ire of Twitter after posting a tweet (see image above) to highlight its girls with guns campaign (designed to remind people that women can also carry guns).

Twitter erupted, as Twitter often does, with certain people bemoaning that fact that the tweet was "sexist".

Follow the ongoing comments here:

I have to say I fail to see what the fuss is about?

Please feel free to enlighten me as to why this is "sexist"?

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  1. Lord of Atlantis2:51 PM

    Why is this sexist, and who cares if it is? The police are doint the correct thing, by pointing out that carrying guns is not only done by men.

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Of course it isn’t sexist. Women are just as likely to carry a gun.

    Mind you, they would probably end up shooting the wrong person as they wobble around in their high heels.

    And squeezing the trigger would probably chip a fingernail; and it would have to be a small gun unless they want to hold it in two hands, which they won’t… they would want to hold one hand over one of their ears as they shoot, because guns would be too loud for them.

    Aiming a gun could be dangerous too if they have left their glasses at home because they didn’t match their outfits.

    And can you imagine how many people they would want to shoot while they are having their period!

    Running away after shooting someone could be tricky too as they always seem to twist an ankle. That’s where their boyfriends can help… throwing them over their shoulders like a fireman to make their escape.

    Annie Oakley would laugh if she read about a girl having a gun as being sexist. Mind you, she was a bit of a ditch pig in the looks department herself.