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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Birds

The Birds
Nanny does seem to be having some sort of problems with animals at the moment, particularly the winged flapping variety. I wonder if she was frightened as a child when watching "The Birds"?

Anyhoo, Nanny's trolls in Rotherham Borough Council have got themselves into something of a strop over the behaviour of George and Janine Cooper.

What was their crime?

Simple, they were trying to feed the birds in their local village of Kiveton Park.

Now Nanny gets very angry about this sort of behaviour, and decided to film the couple as they brazenly broke the law; in fact Nanny filmed them over a period of four days!

They set off each day at 7am, with five bags of bird food, which they make from; bird seed, sultanas, sunflower seed, water and scraps of bread.

Mr and Mrs Cooper used five regular feeding points, including a bluebell wood and a paved area near the village library.

Then, out of the blue, two of Nanny's little "helpers" (wardens) appeared from the shadows and gave them a £50 fixed penalty notice for dropping litter. The wardens said that CCTV cameras had been tracking their movements for days.

Mr Cooper, who is 65, stood up for himself and refused to accept the ticket. He and his wife, who is an RSPB member by the way, continued what they were doing.

Nanny's trolls hate being disobeyed, so Rotherham borough council posted a notice to them, demanding payment within 14 days, with the threat of a £2,500 fine or even jail unless they comply.

Mr Cooper said:

"I couldn't believe it.

The council people had driven there in a car and were hiding behind a building.

They said they had seen us go there four mornings in a row and drop bread,

which they regard as litter.

They said they had video evidence to prove it.

I said, 'You must be joking' and handed the ticket back.

They have posted it to us but we have no intention of paying

Mrs Cooper, who is also a member of the Wildlife Trust, said that she and her husband were only trying to "do our bit for wildlife and the environment".

She said:

"These idiots are treating us like common criminals.

I can't believe the extent they have gone to for the sake of fining us 50

but they are wasting their time because we won't pay.

We are not litter louts;

we are bird lovers who respect the environment

and I have no sympathy with people who drop litter

They have been doing the morning feed run for eight years, and have never had a complaint from the residents.

Mrs Cooper said:

"We live in a rural area and the paved area near the library is an open space where nobody walks,

so it does not cause any problems

How can Nanny foster a "Respect" society when she treats people in this way?


  1. Grant1:55 PM

    Easy question to answer Ken!

    They are terrorists. The sort the Gordon Brown seems eager to promote as the new pariahs.

    Feeding attracts birds. Birds have flu. The flu was probabaly developed in the underground laboratories of al-Qaida and tested in Estern Asia before starting its planned and controlled creeping migration westwards.

    So people like these deserve to be pegged out on the ground and pecked to death by flu deranged pigeons.


    I'm getting a feeling there is something being added to the water around here ...

  2. I am surprised that they were onlt apprehended by Wardens. Where were the Police? Surely this offence warranted a full scale turnout of the riot squad at least.
    Another example of Nanny's minions trying to justify their existence.

  3. Excuse me but is Nanny not aware that when food is thrown to birds, they eat it thus cleaning up the 'mess'? That's certainly not litter in the sense of say crisp packets, old fridges and New Labour pc policies.