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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nanny's Special Friend II

Nanny's Special Friend IIBlairy Poppins claims that she and her best friend W seek to make the world a safer place.

We are told that we are now engaged in a war against terror, and that there is now a "crescent of evil" threatening us.

Blairy states that his policies are designed to improve our security and safety. In fact he is so convinced that his and W's policies are working, that he is on holiday in Bermuda and his Foreign Secretary is in her caravan.

This being the case, why has the well respected International Crisis Group just issued this then?

"July 2006 was the grimmest month

for conflict prevention around the world in three years.

In 36 months of publishing CrisisWatch,

the International Crisis Group has not recorded such severe deteriorations in so many conflict situations as in the past month,

and several have significant regional and global implications

Does it not occur to Blairy and W that they may actually be wrong, and that in fact their policies may well be making some things worse?

As said, condition: CRITICAL


  1. I woke up this morning to the news of the so called 'foiled terrorist attack', and my first reaction was this is more of the same spin to keep the great unwashed in fear and fright, so that Reid and that other guy (transport minister, can't remember his name!!) can come in to rescue us all like two white knights.

    I have no doubts that we shall, in a few weeks, hear, but only though the internet news, that all these "suspect terrorists" were quietly released without charge, and the thing will be left to just be forgotten in the foggy mists of time.

    Remember the "Old Trafford" terrorist, and the four who were caught running into a hospital, and the "Ricin like substance" in that flat in London?? Yup, so do I!!

    When will the populace start to think and get wise to this spin and deceipt? But, I forget, we are all so brainwashed these days that the big issue of the nation is the question "who will be evicted from Big Brother tonight?"!!

    And one last thought, knowing that planes and their passengers are subjected to reasonably high levels of security, would not a terrorist planning a bombing try somewhere else, like a ferry, crowded shopping mall, theatre or something similar?? It is always planes, because that is what we are being manipulated to think.

    And is it not very convenient for this shower in Government to have the news of escalating conflict in Lebanon, defence ministers resigning and so forth being kept off the front pages of the news??

  2. And continuing on from my above comment, notice how it was only yesterday that Reid was talking about us further giving up our freedoms in the so called "war on terrorism". Do these people think we are stupid?? (Well, yes, I believe they actually do).

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    spiv said...

    "Do these people think we are stupid?? (Well, yes, I believe they actually do). "

    Undoubtedly. In fact they rely upon the majority of people being too uneducated to have an interest, which explains the recent education policies of so many governments.

    That and importing a load of others who will be finded by the state and enfranchised to vote even if they don't speak the lingo much.

    Once you get to the point of voting majority the only threat os if another party muscles in on your territory. But with luck you can stay ahead of the game on that one so long as you can keep your own party together.

    What do people care about at a personal level? When the local police ask for three things they can focus on in the next 3 months (the usual sop to involvement of the public in local policing) you invariably see 'Anti-social behaviour' and 'Speeding' as 2 of the three. The third is usually the same as well but I can't recall what it is of the top of my head.

    All they have to do is keep everyone focused on those issues (hence the involvement of the tranpsort people in so many meaningless press releases for example) and the rest will be free for them to do what the hell they like since no one much will care.

    Was Germany in the 30's not rather similar at the grass roots level. Give it 5 years and we will have a similar network of civilian spies I reckon.

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Just read the terror story spiv referred to on AOL. Very confused. "No immediate threat", done for "Intelligence operational reasons" yet they are banning hand luggage and taking liquids on board.

    Doesn't stack up to me.

    On the other hand if I was some sort of miscreant planning to do something I might want to test the response to the threat and see what happened.

    Pretty good result for them so far. Chaos and shares down for a start.

    And all those huge crowds of unchecked people milling about in airports ... probably carrying bags containing bottles of liquids.

    I wonder if this is really an eco-terrorism story? Frighten people off the idea of flying?

  5. Anonymous4:43 PM

    "Was Germany in the 30's not rather similar at the grass roots level. Give it 5 years and we will have a similar network of civilian spies I reckon."

    We're halfway there for sure. Look at the way people are being encouraged to "shop" their neighbours for using hosepipes during a hosepipe ban... busybodies insisting that chalk marks on a pavement for playing hopscotch amount to criminal behaviour and informing the police of where to find the perpetrators.

  6. If you've seen V for Vendetta go and watch it again. If you haven't seen it (why not?!) go and watch it NOW!

    Then go and watch the Babylon 5 season/episodes that deal most with "Earth Gov" and the "Ministry of Peace".

    They're supposed to be warnings, not bloody handbooks of advice to follow.

  7. Babylon 5 is indeed well worth watching.

    Good recommendation Kayla



  8. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Take your heads out of your asses, you Brits and wake up to the very real threat that islamofascism is bringing down on your heads.

    It's no good sticking your head in the fog of multi-culti, do goodism and blaming 7/7 on the Jews and Bush.

    How many of the bombers of London Transport were named Hymie or Moses, and how many were named mohammed?

  9. Anom

    Oddly enough, my head is not up my arse.

    Bin Liner and his friends were originally financed by the CIA during the Russian occuptation of Afgahnistan.

    Saddam was once a "good friend" of the West.

    The Shah of Iran was propped up by the West etc

    Therefore, I would humbly suggest, that the West has had some part to play in creating the mess that is called the Middle East.

    wrt to the people arrested for the latest plot, they do not come from the ME but are of Pakistani (born in Britain) origin.

    Pakistan is one of the "allies" in the so called war on terror, yet it is a haven for schools that teach anti Western rhetoric etc.

    To be clear, the current course of action, if I understand Blair and W correctly, is that the "allies" will by force of arms eliminate the terrorists and bring about democracy in the ME.

    This policy is fanciful and naive in the extreme:

    1 You cannot "democratise" a people by pointing a gun to their heads

    2 The terrorists are Western "home grown", by that logic, force of arms will need to be applied within the UK.

    3 Experience with terrorists around the world suggests that conventional military operations will not eliminate the problem. The IRA were not eliminated, they were negotiated with.

    4 The current strategy's logical conclusion is that the West will have to, in the end, eliminate the regimes in Syria and Iran.

    Do we have the manpower to be able to do that?

    5 If the current strategy continues, without change, we will still be seeing our troops killed in the ME in 10 years time and we will still be under terrorist threat in 10 years time.

    In short, the current policy is laying the bedrock for a never ending "war".

    I have a feeling that many people are not yet fully aware of that.

    If you want to feel safe and end this once and for all, the hard nosed "nasty" solution is very unpalatable:

    1 Remove all troops from the ME, and allow nature/chaos to take its course

    2 Stop buying oil from the ME

    3 Expel Muslims from Western countries.

    Not nice is it?

    But this is the situation that we have allowed oruselves to be drawn into.

  10. Ken, excellent, you've encompassed the main nub of the problem in one very cohesive posting here. When will the ordinary populace wake up to what is really going on here?

    I heard Bush say last night that this is a "war against Islamic Fascism". What sort of antagonism is that. I'm not at war with anyone, so Bush, Blair and the rest of you warmongerers, you're on your own, you're not stating these things in my name.

    Let's wake up here to the fact that America, Britain and Isreal are the three most agressive warmongering countries in the world. Isreal is being supplied arms by America (via our UK airports which makes my blood boil), yet when Iran supplies arms to Lebanon, that is "supplying terrorists" and therefore one can clearly see how Bush is lining up to attack Iran one day soon. The New World Order plan is rolling chaps, I've said several weeks ago on this very site that it was first Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran and then North Korea. It is time the ordinary citizens of the world reigned in our politicians and held them accountable, in court if necessary

  11. Anonymous1:50 PM

    My understanding of the ME history is that terrorism proved successful for those trying to create the State of Israel, therefore it is hardly surprising that others are trying the same methods.

    All attempts at knocking down brick walls with headbutts tend to fail painfully, even if the wall is only a brick thick. Re-inforced and buttressed walls built many centuries ago are likely to outlast, mostly, the attempts to batter them down.

    Aldous Huxley in Brave New World foresaw a 600 year war before the people of the world were pacified by genetic engineering (in effect).

    Orwell suggested the use of wars, broadcast from remote locations and orchestrated for reasons of propaganda and public manipulation, as methods of controlling the population by fear and common enemies, however unknown they may be.

    It seems the the concept of those books have been converted into operating manuals for the modern age.

    My guess is that all past successful and realtively olong lived advanced sociaties (advanced in relation to their surroundings)have eventually talked themselves into self destruction by allowing less 'sophisticated' and 'cultured' groups to overrun them.

    Maybe that is what we see happening to western civilisation, as we think of it, today.

    It's probably just part of the natural cycle of things. Maybe it needs a financial collapse and a couple of billion people killed by war and it knock on effects to "save the planet". Perhaps that is what God has told W.

    As for the disaffected UK bombers - mostly the attitude of society as a whole which leaves so many open to influence by those with psychotically evil intent. By that any society that seems to encourage 'honour killings' will be susceptible to the concept of the cheapness of human life. If your own family does not matter then why does anyone else?

    That such things are still major cultural influences after 2 or 3 generations of families being British Citizens must offer an interesting lesson to those who believe they understand everything about cultural assimilation.

    Containment is the best that can be hoped for - but Human Rights Law intepretation seems to drive a battering ram through that. So presumably self destruction is what our leaders seek as part of their pissing contest.

    Interestingly all parties claim the God (one form or another) is on their side.

    And all parties seem to fear any form of personal freedom that their people may enjoy.

    Nothing new here - move along now.