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Friday, July 20, 2007

Burke and Hare II

Burke and HareI am pleased to see that yesterday's article, about our substance abusing chums in the butchers' profession, has provoked some good "intercourse".

Sad to say, but the butchers forget that preserving life is not just about keeping the body functioning in perpetuity; it is also about the quality of life.

What purpose does it serve to be a "living" corpse (see Edgar Alan Poe's "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdimar") if you are senile, attached to a machine and your dignity long since taken away from you by the state or the substance abusing butchers and their minions? (Catholic church and other cults should take note of that!).

My father well understood that, and refused treatment for his cancer; he managed to die with dignity, at home, without being plugged into a machine and without being in pain.

I would also mention a fine old lady who I had the privilege to know, when I was a youngster (yes folks, I was young once:)), and acted as an honorary granny.

She was a district nurse (1920's to I guess 1950's), who by the way delivered my father, she spent many nights sitting by the bedsides of those who were dying; ensuring that they died with dignity.

She never feared death (something that our weak coddled youth obsessed society seems to do); noting that having seen so many die, that it was merely a matter of going to sleep. In those days the butchers couldn't keep the body going beyond its proper time!

She died in her 80's (1979) in her own home, sitting in her chair one evening; all very peaceful, and all very dignified.

As to the various comments about what to do with your body post demise, eg being made into a diamond, I refer you to this:

"I have spent the first forty years of my life eating good food and drinking fine wines, ales and spirits; I fully intend to continue in the same vein over the next forty, or so, years. However, when I do finally "pop my clogs" I would like to be made into a pate which would be served at my wake. That way my friends will be able to relive the culinary experiences of my life. Should you not wish to wait that long, then may I suggest that you read on."


Why none other than my own book, "Accountants Can Cook".

Unlike Harry Potter, feel free to download it for free!



  1. Well I don't want to eat you old China, when you die, but I would be gratified if that sad event could be communicated so that I might dedicate a Tetleys to you.

  2. Alice9:44 PM

    Lol, I think I started something...

    Afraid me old mum is already a willing organ donor (as am I though I doubt they'd want anything out of me!!) so might not be able to sell literally all they need to make a diamond is 200g of ashes. Hope they'll bring the prices down soon though...

  3. Pietr

    Have no fear...I intended to be around for a good few years yet:)...even tho I eat and drink what Nanny doesn't approve of (eg last night steak and kidney pudding at Rules in London:))