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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nanny Bans St George Parade

Nanny Bans St George Parade
Happy St George's Day everyone!

In keeping with the spirit of the day, you will not be surprised to learn that Nanny has banned a parade of schoolchildren through Bradford to mark St George's Day.

Nanny cites "health and safety" as the reason for banning the parade through an area that saw race riots seven years ago.

Police and the local council told organisers a few days ago that the parade could not go ahead as planned, for "health and safety reasons".

They offered them a shorter route that avoided two streets at the centre of the race riots in 2001, and an alternative date for the event on July 1.

Is Nanny saying that there are areas in Britain where people cannot walk safely, and are denied free right of passage?

Are there "no go" areas in Britain now?

How ridiculous to offer 1st July as a date for a St George's Day parade!

A parade of Schoolchildren can hardly be equated to a parade of Mosley's blackshirts, how can that be deemed to be inflammatory?

The organisers were forced to call the event, at which 10,000 people had been expected, off.

The Rev Tony Tooby, the chairman of governors of St Philips Primary School, said:

"We wanted the route to include where some of the riots had taken place to educate young people.

The police and council just kept telling us the reason for their objection was 'health and safety'. They proposed another route which was ridiculously short. The march would have been over before it began

Kris Hopkins, the council's leader, claim they had not banned the parade:

"Given the involvement of 1,500 children, including six and seven-year-olds, we suggested a slightly safer route.

We've got a responsibility to look after our children

Isn't the responsibility to look after the children that of the parents and the school, where does the council get off thinking it needs to interfere?

The council are lying through their teeth.

Churchill wrote:

"There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word,which means more to me than any other.

That word is Engalnd

Happy St George's Day everyone, if you are allowed to celebrate it!

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  1. archroy11:13 AM

    Let's be positive. The traditional banning of a St George's Day parade is part of our rich cultural tradition. The traditional Lewes Bonfire Parade includes "Enemies of Bonfire", usually local councillors and jobsworths who try to interfere with the tradition. Maybe "Enenies of St George" could be included in future St George's Day processions (with or without burning them in effigy at the finish).

  2. number 612:28 PM

    Want to bet that had a certain religion, oh let's say one that asks its members to behead anyone who 'offends' their 'faith had organised a march it would have gone ahead with full police protection, diversity officers on hand to ensure that a traffic light turning red was not 'slipahamphoobic' in holding up the march, and a parade of council and local gov jobsworths swooning to the media about 'tolerance and inclusivity.'

    Something is rotten with a country that cannot celebrate its own tradtions, yet allows others to openly walk the streets, carrying messages of pure hatred.

    Nanny knows that all 'cultures' are equal just that some are more equal under the law than others.

  3. I am proud to be English and will defy Nanny by eating a large traditional English meal and will drink a vast amount of traditional English ale this evening.

    God bless England and the English!!

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    well what do you expect when you have a scot running the show? Joking aside, being English is increasingly seen as a shameful thing either that or flying the flag means you are a neo-nazi

  5. When you outlaw a practise, the only practitioners are outlaws.
    Vicious circle.

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Anon 3:23pm said:

    "well what do you expect when you have a scot running the show?

    "A scot"?

    "Scots" shurely?