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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, July 01, 2010


My thanks to Archroy who posted this comment yesterday, which deserves to be highlighted.

You couldn't make this up!

"The only time I went on a 'Risk Assessment Training Day' (with Croydon Council, Ken) the chair I was sitting on collapsed, and we couldn't get out of the room because the doorknob came off in the instructor's hand!"

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  1. JohnW3:36 PM

    That's almost as funny as a safety seminar I was attending on a construction site some years ago. The Head honcho Safety Manager from Head Office was visiting all the sites to give the troops a much needed lecture on the benefits of observing a strict safety regime.

    By his side, at the top table, was the site safety officer. He had two fingers chopped short due to an altercation with a cutting machine and was wearing canvas plimsolls!

    To his credit, he kept his face straight during the whole lecture.

  2. microdave7:11 PM

    One of the regular commenters on Watts Up With That told a story of some government jobsworth who refused to believe that methane burned off from waste sites had an invisible flame. Moments after thrusting his hand over a flare stack the commenter was driving him to hospital with second degree burns...

  3. Lord Mandelscum of rent debois3:38 PM

    I have had a few knobs come off in my hands - never did me any harm, ducky

  4. Uncle John6:31 PM

    What could be better to go with the picture of ‘Big Bird’? – One of a Rhea!

    Daily Telegraph – 02-07-01

    //A rare South American bird which had been living happily in the English countryside has died after the RSPCA made a bungled attempt to rescue it./ - /We recaptured it in a very controlled way and caused it the minimum amount of distress//

    (Apart, that is, for the fact that it died)

    The printed newspaper item includes the following verbal extrusion by ‘an RSPCA spokesman’ - all in “Quotation marks”

    “We do not know what the cause of death was and we will not be holding a post mortem It could have been suffering from some sort of illness before it was rescued by us. We certainly followed all our procedures by the book”

    Nanny doing a ‘Risk Assessment’ and getting it wrong? [Tick]

    Nanny declining to find out what really happened? [Tick]

    Nanny happy that ‘the rules’ were followed? [Tick]

    RSPCA apparently believes that animals weighing 90lb (40kg)are a danger to traffic if loose on the road.

    I hope they send teams to the New Forest, Wales, and the Lake District to 'cull' the ponies, sheep and cattle.