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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Forest advise the following:

"Brian Binley, MP for Northampton South and a supporter of the Save Our Pubs and Clubs: Amend The Smoking Ban campaign, said:

"Many pubs and clubs are finding it difficult dealing with the economic situation. The smoking ban has further impacted on many businesses and the trade is really struggling.

"I want to consider a balanced and proportionate amendment to the legislation which allows for segregated smoking rooms or areas within pubs, bars and clubs, provided that effective smoke extraction systems of an authorised standard are installed."

The EDM calls on the Coalition government to conduct a thorough review, supported by consultation with all parties and affected business sectors, of the impact the smoking ban has had on public houses and private members clubs.

It also calls for any changes to the smoking ban legislation to be made on the basis of evidence, fairness and proportionality "whilst recognising the importance of pubs and clubs to the nation's social life and community wellbeing"

I wish Brian well, but suspect that he will have a real mountain to climb on this issue. Bad legalisation, once passed, is very hard to overturn.

You can write to him here

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:29 AM

    As a lifelong non-smoker I agree with the proposed amendment to the law. Smokers should be given a segregated room in pubs and clubs - in fact didn't we have "smoking rooms" in the old days? I only agree with banning smoking in places where people are eating but even then we should have smokers' restaurants where a demand is identified. No-one had to patronise a smoking establishment - there was always a choice.

    Tobacco smoke is very small beer compared with the public health hazard posed by vehicle exhaust fumes. And of course when it comes to traffic pollution we have no choice but to breathe it.

  2. It is funny really, before the smoking ban, I used to eat out a lot and was given a choice of smoking or non smoking area....I am a lifetime non smoker and therefore opted for the no smoking area....I used to ask the waiter if I could have a seat in a child free area which, given the attitude of today that kids can do no wrong, often got black looks from others and more than once, I heard the name Victor Mildew mentioned.

    I have always supported a choice for pubs and clubs to have both smoking and non smoking bars.....Although I hate smoke myself, I think it is inhumane to force nicotine addicts outside in all weathers.

    In psychiatric hospitals, there is a standard for smoking rooms that lays down the volume of air that must be extracted for a given time and states that the room must not loose any heat as a result of that extraction.....Perhaps pubs and clubs could be allowed to do the same if they only have one bar.

    As I say I don't smoke but many people I know, do and I don't like the way the nanny state villifies them for their habbit.

    Let adults decide how they run their own lives and let the market decide where people can smoke in relation to pubs and clubs.

    If we loose our pubs, we loose part of our nation's soul and we should all fight it.

  3. It’s refreshing to see that not all non-smokers are extremists.

    For those interested, one of the most sensible advocates for lifting the smoking ban is Joe Jackson (I think one of his hits was called ‘Different For Girls’).

    One of his many essays one the subject can be found HERE.
    Coincidently entitled Smoking, Lies and the Nanny State.

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    A local landlady who aggrees with
    the total ban wants the ban to stay as it is ,
    because, she says,if other pubs
    nearby were to be allowed an exemption,
    she would lose most of her customers.
    That is the kind of complete tosser we have in the pub trade at present,
    Where the hell did it all go wrong
    and now we have a "conservative"??
    leadership intending to continue
    with marxist-leninist policies and

  5. I don't understand why they don't just make to separate rooms. That will make everyone happy!

  6. Number 61:01 PM

    Bad legislation indeed, we are now in the EU and can we get out?