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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, August 09, 2010

Nanny Bans Paddling Pools

DangerCongratulations to Homes in Havering, which manages the flats for Havering council, who have come up with a remarkably daft policy.

They have banned children from playing in paddling pools in their flats.

For why?

Drowning risk?


Fire risk!

Yes, that's right, fire risk!

The housing association said the pools might get in the way of fire engines arriving to tackle a blaze.'s a paddling a flimsy, plastic, inflatable object that a several tonne truck could drive around, or indeed drive over!

Oh, hang on a minute, wouldn't it also contain some water?

Isn't water used to put out fires?

For good measure, the kids who live there are not allowed to skate, or play ball games either.

One wonders why so many kids hang around the streets looking bored out of their brains!

Graham Hart, a senior officer at nearby Hornchurch fire station, was not that impressed with the ban. Fire engines are rarely driven onto grassy areas, and he noted that the pools with water could "come in handy".

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  1. Another example of someone using their percieved power to satisfy some kind of need they have to boss others around or to make other's lives difficult.

    The world is full of such twats and most, in my opinion, appear to work in public bodies.....Another case of "Do as you're told plebs because we say so."

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:49 AM

    "For good measure, the kids who live there are not allowed to skate, or play ball games either."

    Well done, Homes in Havering for making the lives of children who have the MISfortune to live in the flats you manage so enjoyable and worthwhile.

  3. Number 61:04 PM

    Tonk, of course they work for the councils - no one else would employ the useless twats.

  4. Tonk.1:27 PM

    Number Six....Of course!! Silly me.


  5. Twat From Havering Council1:39 PM

    Since it was formed in 1833 as the London Fire Engine Establishment there has never been any incident in our Borough where a fire engine has not been able to attend due to paddling pools.

    We at Havering Council are proud of, and are committed to keep this 100% record.

  6. Uncle John3:44 PM

    PAEDO ALERT!!!! The Daily Mail illustrates its item on this story with a photo showing a number of children who are not fully dressed. PAEDO ALERT!!!

    One residnt seems to have got the right idea - ('fight fire with fire'?) - she claims: ‘This is an equality issue. If a child lives in a flat, the council are basically saying they do not have the same right to play, socialise and exercise as children living in houses.

    Only way out now - BAN all paddling pools from all gardens 'just in case' the Fire Crews suddenly need to drive across your lawn.

    And - of course - make the kids wear 'Hi-vis' whenever they are outside.

  7. No 6, Tonk - If they are unemployable in Councils or as HMRC managers, they work as managers in a shared services centre