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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Police Arrest Pensioner

An elderly man, stopped for not wearing a seatbelt, was chased by police who broke a window and dragged him from his car. The incident was captured on a police video.

A tad over the top don't you think?

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:52 PM

    Wads it the Met? If so the pensioner was lucky not to get six bullets in his head.

    There's method in this madness. The damage to the pensioner's car means it can't be secured so the police have an excuse to order a "statutory recovery", meaning they can get some cowboy recovery outfit out to tow away and impound his car. The owner will then have to pay £150 plus £15 per day storage, and the police get something like a £60 kickback. Kerching!

    If I were that guy I'd sue the police for every penny of damage they caused, together with damages for the worry and stress they caused.

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    WTF is going on in this benighted Country, where is the rule of law? Our police force seems to be a bunch of thugs with the attributes of the SS.
    That is not policing, it is rank terrorism and not only should the thugs be punished severely but the Chief Constable, that's a joke, should be handed a P45 and a long, long jail sentence.

  3. There was a time when you felt comforted and reassured if you saw a policeman on the beat. But no more. They are now, quite rightly, treated with suspicion and contempt.

    Let’s face it, the bastards don’t even know how to interact with the public any more:-
    Are you concealing any sharpened implements about your person?
    I am informing you that you must accompany me to the police station.

    Using big words does not make you more intelligent, So fucking speak English!

    When questioned by the police there is no point in saying anything at all. If you are innocent they will not believe you and if you are guilty they will not take any mitigating circumstances into account due to their ridiculous ‘zero tolerance’ policy.

    And what is zero tolerance all about? Many people think it is all about cracking down on all crimes, but that is far from the truth. The fact is that due to misguided political correctness too many police officers have been promoted to positions that they are totally incompetent at. Zero tolerance just means that these numpties no longer have to make decisions. They can do everything ‘by the book’.

    And if any policemen (or women) are reading this thinking ’People feel different when they need us and have to call us’ Well no, actually. It’s just that we have absolutely no choice. If there was any alternative, you wankers wouldn’t get a look in.

  4. This needs to be put into perspective I think.
    Pensioner drives fails to stop at a traffic stop clipping a police officer as he does it. Then follows an 8 mile pursuit, during which he claimed that he didn't stop because he thought the police were using sirens and blue lights to give him an escort home.
    He also had an illegal reg plate, illegal tinted windows, failed to wear a seatbelt and refused to get out of the car. The 'frail' pensioner was found guilty and also had previous traffic offences in which he made complaints against the police which were found to be completely unfounded.

    Without having a full unbiased picture I won't comment on whether the police were over the top, as I would not not trust this 'frail' pensioner as far as I could throw him.

    Incidentally I thought this blog was supposed to advocate people having some responsibility for ourselves. This guy thought he was above the law, acted like a twat and is now squeeling as he can't get his own way. He brought it on himself.

    If he is so fucking frail he should shouldn't be bloody driving either.

  5. Reading around various news sites, I think Meg is right. There is more to this than is being reported by the more sensational media outlets. I'm not convinced about his excuse about going home for his meds and thinking the police were giving him an escort.

    However, just going straight for smashing in the window and the other guy kicking in the windscreen seems excessive. Had they tried the door and it was clear he was refusing to get out, then it's understandable, but it doesn't look like this was the case.

  6. It’s just a bizarre way for the police to behave.

    Here in Spain the Guardia Civil set up vehicle checks all the time, and the rules and regulations for drivers are far more stringent than the UK.

    They often set up a ‘chicane’ that all cars have to pass through. If you try to avoid the chicane then there are strips laid across the road which will puncture all your tyres.

    There will be a police car parked way before the check point to ensure that no cars try to turn off the road to avoid being stopped, and another car parked way ahead of the check point which will close the road if anyone does manage to drive through. Once stopped, you may be asked to produce documents, submit to a search, be questioned on where you have been and are going, or simply told to drive on. If the Guardia Civil were stupid enough to show ‘zero tolerance’ towards all drivers, then they could nick everyone for some offence or the other. Most of the time they treat people courteously and as long as you are polite in return you will only be fined for the most serious offences. They have the authority to fine you for not wearing a seat belt, but will invariable just tell you to put it on. As far as tinted windows and misaligned number plates are concerned, you will be told to change them or risk a future fine. Let’s face it, there are real criminals around that need to be caught!

    You will notice in the video a man running towards the car after it was stopped, also one of the officers jumped onto the car bonnet. I am not sure what they were trying to achieve, but if the driver had decided to drive into either of these people, then the police car which was following would not have pursued it as the officers would be committed to look after their colleagues.

    The officer that ran straight to the driver’s door did not even ask the driver to get out; he simply went at his window with a baton. And as I previously stated, there was absolutely no need to damage this guy’s car by jumping on the bonnet.

  7. Gary I have to disagree, if you look into the facts of the case the driver had previously been requested to stop, he had refused and had driven off hitting an officer with his car who he could have seriously injured. The driver also had previous for similar offences, in which he had refused to get out of his vehicle or give his details and driven off. In both cases he was found guilty. Yet again complaints have been made after the fact as he didn't get his own way.

    Perhaps they should have given him the benefit of the doubt and allowed him to drive on. Being so confused that he didn't think a police car following with the lights flashing was a signal for him to stop maybe he wouldn't have stopped when a child was crossing the road. It is very clear who the tabloids would be blaming then.

    If he was fit and sound enough to be driving a vehicle he should be fit and sound enough to obey the law. How many opportunities should we give such people? He had already endangered one officer when he was given the chance, why should they run the risk of him seriously injuring or even killing one of them or a member of the public? Flout the law and find yourself on the hard end of it.

  8. I don’t mind you disagreeing with me Meg. It’s what makes the world go round! But changing the subject slightly, I shall tell you a story about what occurred a few nights ago in my local bar.

    At this time of year we get many British tourists. Most stick to the more ‘English’ areas but a few venture into my local where if I am there (like EVERY night!) I am often asked to translate. The waiters here don’t speak English and even if they did they wouldn’t understand what a ‘snakebite’ or a ‘spritzer’ is!

    The other night one guy was being particularly obnoxious; he was with his wife and two kids and was refusing to pay for their meals because he said they were not cooked properly.

    The waiter asked me to explain that as the meals had been eaten without any complaint at the time, then they can’t have been that bad, so he would have to pay.

    The guy then pulled out a warrant card, said he was a detective at Scotland Yard, and told (not asked) me to summon the Manager.
    I told him that I wasn’t there to be ordered around by him, but was asked to merely translate. I suggested that he put away his card or the manager would call the REAL police who would take delight in arresting him in front of his family.

    He paid, but said that he wouldn’t come back and he would tell all his friends to avoid the place too.

    Good! ……………………..Fuck him and his friends!

  9. Number 65:26 PM

    I have said this before, used to laugh at the old beardhy weirdies in the pub as they rolled on about 'police state Britain' over a pint of old stoat's arse and a roll up. Now, I believe they are right.

  10. Why the outrage?when a member of the EDL,driving home from work had his tyres shot out,without even being asked to stop,then along with six fellow mwmbers put in a cell for several hours,while "police"trashed thier houses and stole thier computers,all on the dubious assumption that they were intending to bomb a mosque,which the "police"later retracted,there was deafening silence,still i suppose that is something to do with your conditioning,that is untill it happens to you.

  11. Anonymous11:55 AM

    A pity the police aren't as thorough and meticulous in applying zero tollerance to real crimes, such as burglary, mugging, the use of violence etc.

  12. This is a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    The driver acted like a prat and the police acted like thugs.

    Now this is not PC but, when I looked at the picture of the driver I thought to myself; He looks a right one.

    I suspect the police involved watch too many American police shows.....The first copper didn't even try the door handle first, no he went straight in with the asp.

    As far as I can see there are five types of police officers there days;

    1) Those at the very top that are uniformed politicians.

    2) The shaven headed thugs in uniform.

    3) Old fashioned coppers that still wish to serve and do a good sensible job.

    4) Over promoted "special groups" that are there because of their skin colour, lack of genital appendages or sexual orientation or PC PCs as I call them.

    5) PCSOs/Specials... those that want to be real coppers but aren't, many of whom appear to be drunk on the power the uniform brings.

    The Britsh Bobby used to wear a friendly, non intimedating blue uniform and policed through consent, now by contrast, they wear a paramilitary style black uniform designed to intimedate.

    We have a plastic female copper that wanders down our avenue, clad in hi-viz, she is all of five feet tall and has so much junk on her "utility belt" that she can hardly move....I think the only thing missing from the belt is a balloon whisk!!

    Neither the driver nor the police come out of this well.

    Just laugh at hi-viz!!

  13. It does seem over the top.

  14. "A pity the police aren't as thorough and meticulous in applying zero tollerance to real crimes, such as burglary, mugging, the use of violence etc."

    Finally the voice that puts this all in perspective.