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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I see that Nanny, in the form of Prof Steve Field (chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners), has decreed that parents who smoke near their children at home or in cars are committing a form of child abuse. they are not!

Anne Milton, Nanny's Public Health Minister, said:

"There is clear evidence that the smokefree legislation is working very well and almost all enclosed workspaces and public places are free from second hand smoke.

Many families are now voluntarily making their homes smokefree, reducing children's exposure to secondhand smoke.

Public support for the smokefree law is high and continues to grow. Even a majority of smokers now support the law. Because of this, we see no reason to review it.

We will keep working on the evidence base for tobacco control and will say more about our plans in the public health white paper.

Hyperbollocks if ever I have read such!

There is no "clear evidence", "public support" is not "high" and as to what "working on the evidence base" actually means (here's a clue, "fiddling the figures to suit our biased opinions") I leave that for you to judge.

Politicians and doctors, who belong to a group of people known for higher than average alcohol/substance/fag abuse, should keep their noses out of our lives.

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    (They never asked me. I'm a non smoker but I'm not in favour of a state-enforced ban.)

    However; if I might be so bold as to interject at this juncture (having just seen your story a couple of posts earlier about a motorist) and chip in with my penny's worth on life, the universe and everything. Or to put it another way – I feel one or more anecdotes coming on.

    Some years ago (when ah were 't lad, and were mad enough to work for t' large company down t' pit) I remember one day walking along listening to a colleague ranting and raving and lambasting all mankind about the fact that no matter how much we try to kid ourselves, humans haven't really progressed far beyond the level of the chimpanzees swinging in the trees.

    Someone had wound him up about something and he wasn't a happy bunny. I tried telling him to lighten up a bit and to try putting it into perspective against the age of the universe etc, but it didn't do any good, he just needed to get it out of his system.

    Anyway …, since then, aided by the passage of time and after much deep reflection and cogitation, I have to say that I too, alas, have arrived at the same conclusion.

    There was no one eureka moment but a good example was the other day out driving. Two lanes of traffic had entered a slip road, and while everyone else realised it was a single-lane slip road and had the good sense to merge in turn, I had the misfortune of encountering some woman driver who was convinced that a piece of dark tarmac up the middle was the logical equivalent of a white line. And so she started behaving like a possessed lunatic with a battle to win after having 'her lane' taken from her.

    I could have responded in kind but instead I just remembered the words from Michael Jackson's Septicaemia song: “It's just one of those things you put down to experience”.

    I've now concluded that if you want to get to the end of this life with all your marbles intact, the best strategy is just to live each day as if God's decided to play a joke and placed you in the middle of a chimpanzees' tea party. Don't set your expectations any higher and you can't be disappointed.

    Therein ends my treatise on the meaning of life.

  2. Nanny, along with all other public bodies, are engaging in something called mission creep......It is a form of empire building.....It seems some people, in past lives, must have been sheep dogs; They seem to feel a need to round everyone up by barking orders and showing their teeth, in order to fit everyone into the same pen.

    I don't smoke, never have, but the pubs are more empty now except for the shell suited chavs with their horrible out of control carpet rats, compared to pre ban times.

    I think when Nanny starts dictating what people can and can't do in their own homes, then Big Brother/ The Police State has well and truly arrived......How they intend to enforce such rules is beyond me unless they have state supplied smoke detectors connected directly to Social Services or a camera in every home, or perhaps they will use Mr Hitler's preferred method; Getting the children to grass on their parents.
    Of course this does give opportunities for revenue raising in the form of fines; Kerching and the chance for Nanny to order more of her favourite fetish item; Hi-Viz jackets for all those new Domestic Smoke-Free Enforcement Officers.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

    Hi-Viz; Just say NO!!!!!

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    The thing is Tonk it's already happening through stealth.

    I had to change a light bulb the other night. It just so happened I had a large stash to choose from. They were bulbs that the previous government decreed I must use in my home.

    What they did was to force Npower to buy the bulbs on my behalf and then post them to me. Then Npower collected the money through my electricity bill. And now that I've got them and have, in effect, paid for them I may as well use them. Many forms of subtle manipulation are used every day by the powers that be in order to get their ways.

    It's the same with these claims that “the public are in favour of something because …”.

    Sainsbury and Tesco use that logic when they say the public love loyalty cards.

    What they mean is: we the public are aware that if we don't allow the supermarkets to harvest our personal shopping patterns through the use of loyalty cards, then we can't get back the money that the supermarkets have skimmed off us in the first place.

  4. Anonymous2:20 PM

    And another thing while I'm at it ….

    I haven't posted on this site for a while but is it my imagination or are posters here a lot more bitter, twisted, neurotic, psychotic, obsessed, possessed, disordered, delusional, psychoneurotic, psychopathic, schizoid, paranoid and valetudinarian than the last time I was here?

  5. The cheapest cigarettes that I have ever brought were whilst on holiday, years ago, in Malaysia. They were $5 for a carton, not some obscure brand, but Benson & Hedges. It occurred to me at the time that even at that price the manufacturers were making their profit, as well as the wholesaler and shopkeeper.

    If I ever were to return to the UK I would not smoke.

    I am not in the slightest bit concerned about the remote health risks and I couldn’t care less about the unproven, infinitesimal risk to those around me. The inconvenience of not being able to smoke whilst out for a drink wouldn’t put me off either. Neither would seeing pictures of dead people’s lungs and hearts on posters and fag packets.

    But if I am paying £6 or more (if that is the price in the UK now) for a packet of cigarettes I would begrudge giving the government over 25p for every cigarette that I smoke. I would not allow them to take the piss out of me to that extent.

    Perhaps the government and health authorities should take note. Their present message to smokers clearly isn’t working well enough.

    Hammer home the message to smokers about how much they are being ripped off on a daily, monthly and yearly basis; and then see what the response is.

  6. Scrote from Havering8:03 AM

    I live in a council block in Havering.
    My wife actually takes notice of all this shit and she has banned me from smoking in the house 'cos of the kids.
    Now she is worried that when I am smoking outside I might drop my fag and set fire to something.
    So the only way I can have a smoke is to sit outside in the kids paddling pool.
    Hang on.......there's someone at the door..............................................

  7. I hate all this crap about second hand smoke.

    The government needs to stop sitting on the fence. Either ban sales of cigarettes in the UK (forcing people to get them outside the UK) and forgo the Taxes they get OR stop slowly criminalizing smoking whilst still wanting the Tax money.

    What annoys me more is that I actually have a condition that cigarettes have been shown to control better than most prescription meds. (although I actually don't smoke).

    Why aren't the government (or some regulatory body trying to find a way to cut out the Carcinogens and produce a "safer" product instead of sitting on the wall saying "naughty naughty" all the time?

  8. Lord of Atlantis10:45 AM

    "Politicians and doctors, who belong to a group of people known for higher than average alcohol/substance/fag abuse, should keep their noses out of our lives."

    Hypocrites! At the very least, Ken, they should be practicing what they preach.

  9. Spot on, Ken. The government used to hide their lying, but now it's blatant. What's more, they are doing it in every aspect of our lives.

  10. Anonymous7:29 PM

    In time people will realize the truth, in following the fanatical bandwagons, they always lead to larger unintended consequences.

    Smoking bans directly increase your health risks. There was always a reason to respect the line, defined by "public" and "private" spaces; the former controlled by politics and irrational partisan dogmas and the later by common sense and sensibilities.

    Feel free to vote and comment.

    By the evidence of the six cities and numerous related ultra fine particulate research studies, in evaluation of physical evidence as it applies to real-world communities and actual individuals, free of the pragmatic dogmas and emotional swill, the toxic risk increase can not be dismissed. Smoke free environments increase the health risks universally far in excess, that any exaggerated effects of; second, third, fourth and tenth hand smoke combined, could ever impose.

    The airborne biological and chemical increased dosages, made available only by the elimination of cigarette smoke from our environments, creates a huge mortality risk factor that is being ignored in favor of political and financial interests. Produced only through the existence of conflicted funding behind professional lobbies such as Tobacco Control [TC], which presents the facts as they pertain to the comfort of their partners, irrespective of the risks and huge financial burden they imposed on the public purse and private enterprise.

  11. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I've reached the point where I can't/ don't want to rationalize with the Nanny State patrol merchants anymore.
    Ask an MP something and he answers another question. They are all shits and not worth bothering with Fuck off the lot of you ........

  12. Conspiracy Theorist, Me?7:08 AM

    All I will add is to point your readers to two sites full of interesting reading about SHS, the anti smoking lobby, junk science and hidden agendas.

    Ah the wonderful world of the politics of fear....I left the UK to get away from all this kind of crap, sadly it seems, not far enough, as the fingers of both US and UK nannyism are now being embraced by the same breed of corrupt officials and dumb plebians on these fair shores.

    Why are populations so malleable, weak, submissive and stupid? Global moronitis?