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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open Mike Today

My Virgin broadband connection today is utter bollocks, short of taking an axe to it I see no satisfactory resolution to the issue today folks.

Therefore I am going to put my feet up.

Feel free to have an "open mike" discussion today about whatever butters your parsnips.


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  1. Speenzman11:48 AM

    OK I'll start- Jackie Smith what a bitch, thank goodness she's no longer in power. Apparently she wants to become deputy chairman of the BBC. I wouldn't employ her to clean the toilets of the BBC!

  2. I hate parsnips.
    I hear President Obama has pledged millions to Ireland after the tragedy of Hurricane Higgins.

  3. Here's my 20.42pence-worth then..

    Apparently Anne Milton, MP, says that the current school milk scheme is expected to cost £59m next year in England alone, an increase of £9m on this year. However, our over-efficient dairy industry is a state of panic as the UK has an EU Milk Lake surplus that it's having real problems shifting.

    If the milk surplus is in the UK and the schools are also in the UK what's the farking problem, or is Milton determined to become Thatcher II ?

  4. Don’t get me started about Norwegians.

    I believe in Norway they have over 200 words for ‘obnoxious’.

    Maybe in multi-cultural, cool Britannia you don’t come across many Norwegians; but I have one living just along the way from me.

    Yes, I am talking about you Olaf, you seal cub clubbing BASTARD. Of course my dog barks at you. You walk too close to my house; and what do you expect him to do…..Moo? And why do you go walking with those stupid ski poles? It’s a fucking Mediterranean beach not some frozen glacier, you WANKER. My god barks at anyone who gets too close to my house, that’s why I feed him and take him on walks. It’s his job.

    I don’t know how you managed to call the police Olaf, seeing as you don’t speak a word of Spanish; but you might like to know that the reason we were laughing is because one of the policeman suggested that you should teach your wife to bark back. I know you reindeer worrying bastards like huskies, but to teach one how to walk upright, partially shave it and then marry it is taking things too far.

    And sort out your white eyebrows too. You look ridiculous.

    I’m going for a lie down now.

  5. John B Stryge3:12 PM

    I love Norwegians ever since one of their government ministers described John Gummer as a "drittsek". A more apt description I cannot find.

  6. Lord of Atlantis3:19 PM

    Speenzman: Couldn't agree with you more!
    MH Media Online: One of the reasons that the conservatives lost power in 1997 was that they were perceived as a 'nasty' party, and it seems to me that some in the government want this to comtinue, judging by some of the policies coming out of the coalition government. And no, I do NOT want Blair or Brown to return either. Perhaps I'm naive, but I want a government of whatever party that actually listens to the voters and carries out policies THEY want rather than ones based on their own political dogma.

  7. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Testing, testing, one two three.

    Is the mic on?

    Ah good!

    BT comes in for a lot of stick, and although their customer service went badly down hill a few years ago, I came back to them because of the high reliability of their service. Admittedly, their broadband failed in the middle of the night last week (the first failure for years) which caused me a lot of pain and anguish. However, a simple reboot the next morning got it going again.

    I can't say what their customer service is like now because the service just works and there's no need to contact them.

    The one thing I do find a bit annoying though is the software they deploy in the network which monitors what their customers are doing on the internet. It detects on-line purchases and then keeps sticking ads on the screen (usually for exactly the same product) for a couple of weeks after the purchase. Because they're an ISP they seem to have been able to link it to the phone line, so it can't be shaken off by deleting cookies or changing the IP address. But it just gives that “big brother is watching what you're doing” reminder.

    There's little doubt that ISPs and supermarkets will become the primary touch points of the future for monitoring of citizens by the state.

    PS Poor Olaf! What a life that must be!

  8. Uncle John6:34 PM

    While Ken takes a well earned rest, I suggest looking at this link to the ONLY bit of .gov.UK dedicated to spoiling Nanny's fun -

  9. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Sorry but I need to grab the mic again and let off some steam.

    Further to my previous comment about the pain and anguish caused by a broadband failure last week … it wasn't half as much pain and anguish as was caused tonight.

    If truth be told, I have a computer that I've taught all I know about horses. It spends each day picking out sure-fire winners and placing bets. Then at the end of the day I have a look to see how well it's done for its master.

    Today it's made a healthy profit however …

    Upon looking a bit closer I've just discovered that it piled a lot of money onto a horse in the last race at Chepstow tonight on the basis that it was such a sure-fire winner, it could probably win the race blindfolded.

    All well and good except that the horse lost because they started the race while it still had its blindfold on!

    What sort of people are they in Chepstow that they can't organise a flipin' horse race without first checking the basics like 'is the horse blindfolded?' or 'does it have its legs tied together?' or 'is it pointing the right direction in the stalls?'.

    What is this world coming to? I sometimes despair! And there's no comeback; the money's gone!

    Anyway, I hope this post helps vent some steam on behalf of everyone who backed Oriental Girl tonight in the 20:25 at Chepstow.

  10. JohnW8:45 AM

    "...the tragedy of Hurricane Higgins..."

    What tragedy? He was pissed out of his box 90% of his life and spent millions on booze, women and other hedonistic pursuits. Sounds like he had a right old time without any interference from Nanny.

  11. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Seemingly when asked where his money went he said he spent most of it on flashy cars, women and booze, but the rest he just wasted.