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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prats of The Week - Thurrock Council

Prats of The WeekCongratulations to Thurrock Council for winning, by a landslide, this week's "Prats of The Week" Award.

For why?

Ask Kevin Coombes, of Ockenden, who was getting brassed off with "vandals" continually ripping off his Neighbourhood Watch stickers from the door of his council flat.

He decided to complain to the council, who told him that his caretaker had been instructed to rip the stickers off the doors.

For why?

Seemingly, in the eyes of the council, these stickers are a fire hazard.

Mr Coombes then called his local fire station, the firemen there are of the opinion that the stickers are not dangerous.

Thurrock Council are unyielding, they now claim that if Mr Coombes is allowed to put his stickers up then other people will be encouraged to stick things to their doors too.

The official quote from the council, supplied to the Mail, is somewhat ambiguous:

"We do not have a policy in place on stickers/notices in communal areas but there is a general presumption against stickers in communal areas due to fire hazards."

(Ken says: this is contradictory, if there is no policy then they can't have a "presumption against".)

"Mr Coombes is at liberty to place the sticker in his own window and the council is happy to meet with Mr Coombes to discuss this face to face."

What is the difference between a window and a door?

Surely, if these stickers are as dangerous as the council claims, then window stickers are just as "lethal" as door ones?

Thurrock Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. More conditioning by local councils on the public to get them to do as they're told without question....Bahhhhhhhh

    Hi-Viz; Just laugh at it.

  2. debbie12:21 PM

    How is a sticker a fire hazard??

  3. One last hurrah in mindless enforcement of witless rules before the axe falls?

    Get these cuts in asap Mr Osborne! People who can imagine or dare to enforce such nonsense will clearly be less of a hindrance to modern society by going on the dole.... Dare I say cheaper than paying their council wages too?

  4. Debbie - Every boy scout is taught how to make fire by rubbing two stickers together.....

  5. Adrian2:11 PM

    "Bucko said...

    Debbie - Every boy scout is taught how to make fire by rubbing two stickers together....."

    I thought they had to rub two girl guides together!"

  6. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Too many newspapers blowing around in the wind was declared a fire and safety hazard in San Francisco, California, USA, a few years back - and so the city installed their own newspaper racks and then only permitted maybe 6 "approved" "news"papers to put their morning papers there - the rest had no place to go. Thus they eliminated the "dangerous" newspapers right out of existence and only those serving the purpose of the government are allowed to remain. The remaining ones are of course all left-wing in nature and some are purely communist in nature, pure propaganda pieces for the Beast that has consumed the entire west coast of the USofA, which is now firmly under communist control. The stickers in question that were declared a "fire hazard" were probably more to do with a "hazard" of professing ideologies non-conformist with those of the government, and so "must" be banned. It's always for "health, safety and security" is the words, but in reality it's for insuring only one ideology, that of the government's, remains legal. It's such a scam these days, and it's universal, in all parts of the world, not just in UK. People in most of the USA for example are obvlivious to the fact that the entire western coast of the US is under communist control until such time the controls come into effect in their locales, at which time it will be too late to do anything about it. It's frightening, yet the truth.

  7. The answer is simple.

    Get the sign printed on some sort of cheap metal and nail the fucker to the door.

    Then…….Neighbourhood Watch has always had a flea up its arse about homeowner’s properties being advertised as being vacant by having free newspapers sticking out of their letterboxes.

    Mr Coombes should point out to the Council that a newspaper stuck halfway through a door is a far greater fire risk than any sticker. He should then insist that his caretaker, along with all other Council employed caretakers, be instructed to remove these items.

    A mutually beneficial solution.

  8. Lord of Atlantis2:39 PM

    "Thurrock council now claim that if Mr Coombes is allowed to put his stickers up, then other people will be encouraged to stick things to their doors too."

    So what, they are the doors to their homes. I also know where Mr Coombes ought to have stuck them!