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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 21, 2011

One Bad Apple

I am genuinely sorry to see that Alan Johnson was forced to resign, because of the upcoming storm of media interest in issues relating to his marriage.

It seems a very "rum do" indeed when "professional" officers assigned to protect people end up compromising their role, and have affairs with those/the spouses of those that they are assigned to protect.

This is not the first time that this has happened, nor indeed will it be the last.

Indeed the recent botched undercover operation, relating to so called "eco warriors", could hardly have been helped by the fact that the undercover officer used his role as an excuse for a fling.

What kind of police force has Nanny created, that so willingly compromises itself in this manner just to satisfy carnal desires?

Whilst I am on the subject, how is that so many details about the "man with eccentric" hair (apparently wrongly arrested for murder, now someone else has been arrested) were leaked to the press; thus causing a firestorm of shouty headlines and lurid sh*te to be published wrecking that man's life.

Is this the way that "justice" is now to be conducted in this country? Media driven lynch mobs working hand in hand with the police?

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  1. Ken,

    I have mooted on here before that I believe the police have stopped the policy of psychologically evaluating prospective police recruits indeed, a friend of mine, several decades ago was turned down because the force believed he was only applying for the uniform for the power it would give him and that he might well abuse that power.....If only they still adopted the same policy today instead of taking on testosterone filled lads.

    I do not support Mr Johnson's politics but, I did feel he was an honest and sincere man and had commensense which so many of our politicians today lack.

    There does appear to be a link between the state and the media but, as every Stalinist state knows, if you can control the media and education, then you control the population.

    I wish the Johnson's well for their futures and hope they can resolve the situation they find themselves in, without further agitation by the media.

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Plod became the enemey of the people under Neu Liebour. Politicised and encouraged to enforce all of the above party;s Orwellian laws.

  3. Lord of Atlantis4:00 PM

    A great loss to the country, one of the few politicians in positions of leadership who deserves respect. Moreover, the best leader Labour never had. As for the protection officer who had the affair with Mr Johnson's wife, he should be sacked on the spot and loose his pension.

  4. Mjolinir10:40 AM

    In all the circumstances - would YOU want to be 'offered' the career-opportunity of replacing this (apparently) misguided Officer?

    "Rum-do" or not - at one time there were 3 'fundamental rules' for proper behaviour-

    "Not in front of the children"

    "Not on your own doorstep"

    "Not with the staff"