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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Nanny Corrupts and Weakens All


It is often noted on this site that Nanny's rules, regulations and risk averse predilections have had a detrimental effect on the young.

This is true.

However, I would also venture to suggest that those over the age of 40 have also been weakened by Nanny as well.

Take this harmless example of what happened in my gym/leisure club the other day.

Having been brought up properly and having attended a sensible school (where you were made to brush your teeth with carbolic soap and use a Brillo pad to wash your armpits - only kidding folks:)) I happen to enjoy ice cold showers in between sessions in the sauna (it is actually very good for the immune system, as it raises the white cell count).

Therefore I adjust the thermostat accordingly (it's not difficult, one merely turns it clockwise).

I was therefore greatly gemused to enter the changing rooms post sauna the other day to hear one bloke (in his 50's) moaning that "someone keeps leaving the showers on cold".

I cheerily said "Oh that's me".

To which he replied "Would you mind in future return them to the hot setting".

Am I missing something here?

1 Do people not follow the advice taught to them by their mums, and learned from real life, that you never enter a bath or shower without first testing the temperature (lest you scald or shock yourself)?

2 Are people incapable of turning a thermostat counter clockwise?

3 Maybe I should ask this guy to please turn the shower to the cold setting, when he has finished, so that I don't have to waste 10 seconds of my life adjusting it?

This, by the way, is the same club where I have been asked by someone (in her 20's) how to turn the egg timer (in the sauna) over, where many people regularly leave showers running (without turning them off) because they are lazy/selfish and where one couple left the door to the sauna open whilst they were using it because it was too hot!

Nanny corrupts and weakens all ages, not just the young!

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  1. Ken,

    There is much truth in what you say however, many people do live on the planet me and see others, indivuals and the state, merely as servants to attend to their every need, from protecting them from themselves to wiping their backsides for them.

    How we have decended into today's society I don't know but, we have and how we are going to get out of it, again I don't know but, if we're going to survive and grow as a nation, we will have to return to a society that encourages people to look after themselves and others and we'll also need to nurture commonsense and the only way we can establish that for future generations, is to allow children to be children again, encourage their sense of adventure and allow them to take some risks sadly, we now see kids of adults that have known nothing other than the no risks allowed society, so I can't see it happening anytime soon.

    I had to laugh at my verification word; fockella.....Anyone with Irish roots will understand why.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

  2. Tonk

    I am half Irish:)


  3. Ken,

    Are you a fan of Richie Kavanagh?

    I was thinking of his hit; Aon Focal Eile.

    Although I was born in East London, my family come from Kilkenny and my wife's family come from Clonakilty Co Cork. We attend many Irish events and we always enjoy the music and songs of Richie Kavanagh.

    Ken look at this link;

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    why not just leave it the way you found it?

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:21 PM

    I quite agree with your thoughts on this, Ken, and yours too, Tonk. Why not compromise? Agree to return the shower to the hot setting, since this simple act seems to beyond this person's intellectual capability, provided he agrees to put it back on the cold setting when he has finished.

  6. Mjolinir3:56 PM

    Ken- an "H&S-Nanny based" solution -

    Insist on a RULE that the thermostat always be left on 'cold' - to avoid danger of scalding if it should fail between users?

    Q - Why is there a risk of scalding?

    A - Because communal showers &c are required to have hot water supplies capable of delivering water at such a high temperature to 'avoid the risk from Legionella'