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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Non Jobs

In 2003 (yes that many years ago!) I wrote the following on my "In Your Face" site:

"...The jobs being created in the state sector are not “front line” jobs such as; nurses, doctors or teachers. They are newly invented bureaucratic creations; risk officers, empowerment managers etc. None of these positions actually “adds value” to the quality of life in the UK...

..The state, unlike the private sector which is not shielded from economic reality, is inherently wasteful. A report issued in the last few days highlighted the fact that the state sector wastes £70BN a year; that is the equivalent of over 10p in the rate of income tax! On a personal level I can attest to this waste; on applying for a senior position recently in the state I was sent by post an information pack exceeding 200 pages, no private sector employer would ever dream of being so wasteful.

It is a matter of great concern to me and should be to the citizens of the UK that the Chancellor, despite being an intelligent individual, appears to be possessed by the old socialist disease of political dogma; namely:

'State good, private bad'.

This disease is clearly deadening his ability to see that the current path that the UK is taking, in building up the state at the expense of the private sector, is in fact the 'road to nowhere'.

Somewhat prescient wouldn't you say?

Here we are in 2011, and the penny has finally dropped that all the extra money that Brown lavished on the public sector has been wasted.

Local authorities have taken on an extra 180,000 workers since 1997, with the total number not employed in traditional front-line roles now standing at almost 750,000.

Bob Neill, the local government minister, has said:

"Crazy non-jobs like cheerleading development officers and press officers tasked with spinning propaganda on bin collections provide no value to the public."

The number of people employed by local authorities in Britain stood at 2,728,000 in 1997 when Labour came to power. Last year the figure was 2,907,000.

Among the jobs that have been created by the boom in 'non-jobs' were a 'bouncy castle attendant' (£13K per year) at Angus council and a 'cheerleading development officer' in Falkirk.

The crusade by the coalition against non jobs is all very well, but why did they not start their crusade years ago?

It's not as though I didn't warn them is it?

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  1. Sadly, unlike a private company, when the public sector looks at next year's budget they always assume it should be, this years budget plus a percentage whereas, in the private sector, a company looks at this year's budget and thinks of ways to reduce it for next year.
    Most of the new non-jobs came into being for good old political correctness reasons, often, I suspect, because the EUSSR told us to bring them in.

    The state sector has been an ever increasing millstone around our necks for many years now but, although Cast Iron Dave claims to be a Conservative, I see no real evidence that he intends to roll back the state; yes I have heard his rhetoric but, since he and his pet chimp have got their grubby hands on power, so more government agencies/quangos have come into being.
    The state is the same, we can only choose who the figurehead is. The people behind the scenes that exercise real power are unaccountable and untouchable.
    I find it very ironical that whilst Cast Iron Dave goes around the Middle East promoting democracy and encouraging popular uprisings to support the will of the people, we are deprived of the same thing. Where's our vote on the EUSSR Dave?...The population of the country you are supposed to represent want out; why not listen to the will of our people?
    In this country, we only have democracy so long as we agree with the state; resist it and they come down on you hard.

    Incidently, I have always been a Conservative but, I cancelled my membership when Dave became our leader because he is not, in my opinion, a Conservative he is more a progressive Marxist just like many other world leaders.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Yes and the high taxation they the state require to create these pointless positions will destroy them.
    Simply as the cost of living rises ,which it will ,a lot of people who yes may have been imprudent with credit ,and that is an awfull lot of them will end up working for food only or will struggle to meet their repayments.
    Watch 'em riot.
    Oh, and "these rioters" won't be students either.
    They will be a mixture of the financially imprudent and the dross dumped by the public sector.
    The feckless unemployed and the rich will notice little difference.
    Here comes the middle class revolt.
    60% of income going to the treasury is taking the p""s.

  3. Mjolinir12:40 PM

    Something completely different- Westminster Council have 'banned' - what do you think?

    Human milk - while they check if it's safe for consumption (by adults)

    I eagerly await the first 'seizure' of a mum's boobs while she is suckling her baby (To prevent the 'risk' that someone else might become contaminated)

    [I think we had THIS a while ago?
    //A MOTHER was told to stop breastfeeding her baby as it breached a leisure centre's poolside ban on food and drink.//]

  4. Number 63:05 PM

    Tonk, agree with everything you said about Dave 'Boy Green' Cameron and his greenpeace party formerly the Conservatve party. I and many, many ex Conservatives joined UKIP as a result of the Cons slide into greeny/left wing status.

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:23 PM

    And, whilst massive cuts are being imposed by local authorities and other 'public' bodies on front line services, such as care for the elderly, hospital treatment, policemen on the beat, libraries, swimming pools etc, these equality coordinators and other non-jobs are continuing to expand, with generous salaries and other perks, at the taxpayers expense, with little action to oppose it from our illustrious government!

  6. Hey Ken, Trying to access your site on my O2 mobile internet I noticed that it is now "subject to customer protection" and therefore restricted to over 18s.

    Have I missed all the smut and objectionable content? If so, can you please put it back.



  7. Hi Mark

    How very odd:)

    I must have missed all the smut too:)