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Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Census Day!

Don't forget to fill in Nanny's census form folks.

Anyone who repeatedly refuses to do so will face criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £1K.

For the first time in 210 years, a unit of "non-compliance" officers have been given powers by Nanny to conduct interviews under caution and visit homes.

Happy Census Day!

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  1. I was sad to learn that an American company will be processing the data of our confidential national census. I wonder why we cannot do that ourselves.
    I read that every USA company must hand over all the data it keeps or is working on if a federal authority demands them to do so; Could the FBI or CIA demand access to all this data and what steps has Nanny taken to prevent this from happening? I also read that we are to share this data with Euronanny.
    Did you know that if you haven't returned the completed form within seven days, the Starsi will send you a letter telling you to get your finger out or else?
    This is my sixth census but, it is the most nosey one so far; I hear it may be the last and politicians are looking at getting the data from other sources such as credit reference agencies and supermarket loyalty cards databases. I suspect that would need Nanny to fix the data protection laws in her favour to enable that.

    Police state anyone?

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:37 PM


    Tonk, you may be delighted to know that all your data are being "entrusted" to one of the most disreputable outfits on the face of the planet, the American pedlars of mass death: arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. They are heavily involved in intelligence gathering for the CIA and FBI and have expressed a desire to hold information on everyone on the planet. This is the outfit we taxpayers are paying £150 million to process those highly intrusive Census forms. Could be the reason for the big fine and Nanny's Stasi to enforce compliance. Perhaps Lockheed Martin being able to add us to their database is part of the contract.

    Don't believe assurances that our data won't leave the UK - as soon as it's collated it'll be in the US, ready for US intelligence to use whenever they wish or for Lockheed to sell on to all sort of commercial interests. That may be breaking UK law but since when do the Americans bother about that? Anyway, we don't prosecute arms dealers who break the law - BAE and Saudi Arabia?

    You have to fill in the form or face prosecution but remember, you can lie through your teeth without any way for the Stasi to prove otherwise. And don't forget to enter your religion as "Jedi Knight".

    Lockheed Martin's computerised system can be sabotaged by following the advice here:

  3. DTW:

    I agree with all the things you state.

    One question;
    It states on the form that it is an offence to give false information; if one follows this logically, it implies that they would need to already know the correct information and thus it brings into question the need for the census. I suspect nanny already has all this information and this whole thing is about showing the population who is boss.

    The names and addresses are already on databases; the electorol roll for example.
    The details about rooms etc is already on the council tax database and land registary.
    People's work details are already on the sdatabases held by the DWP and HMRC.
    People's health is held on the NHS database.
    Religion is optional on the form and therefore unimportant to Nanny.
    The only people missing from the databases are the illegals and they won't complete the forms anyway....I conclude therefore, as an information gathering exercise, it is pointless......Power and control are the reasons behind this exercise......This is the first census I have really objected to taking part in due to its very intrusive nature and the whole pointlessness of the information demanded.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:40 PM

    Tonk said:

    "One question;
    It states on the form that it is an offence to give false information; if one follows this logically, it implies that they would need to already know the correct information and thus it brings into question the need for the census."

    .....but such data isn't accessible by American interests which I believe the true reason behind the 2011 Census. The US wants everybody on the planet in their "little list".

    Don't forget: leave out email addresses and all 'phone numbers. Makes any follow-up difficult and expensive. There's no law against you having no telephone or Interweb, and I doubt the census "enforcers" have the power to obtain search warrants.

    You might like to print out and add this supplementary page to your census return:

  5. Ta for the peacenews link,

    " improvised repairs of torn sheets with sellotape" sounds good and I never wuz a very good spella.

    Do you suppose they have source code for religion as "smoker"?

  6. Lord of Atlantis4:05 PM

    Comes to something when our information is going to be stolen er, sorry, processed by an American company, especially ione involved in the arms trade!
    I also think it is over the top to send heavies around to 'persuade' people to fill in the form. This is more akin to the practice of loan sharks than a respectable government organisation!