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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Grim RIPA

The Grim RIPA

Despite all the hoo hah being whipped up by our "respected" politicians over the Murdoch hacking scandal, we should not lose sight of the fact that it's not just News Corp that "allegedly" has stuck its nose in people's private affairs.

Nanny is pretty adept at poking her nose in too.

Last year, it transpires that Nanny's organs of state (eg the police and town halls) asked for confidential communications (access private telephone and email records) information on more than half a million occasions.

Yes, this is the same police (don't just blame the Met btw, all police forces are at it) that happily sells details of arrests, phone accounts, pings etc to the media!

This being Nanny Britain, many of the requests apparently had errors in them, which led to the wrong people being monitored.

What gives the state and its organs the right to snoop?

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA)!

- We cannot trust the media

- We cannot trust the police

- We cannot trust the state

Nice country we live in!

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  1. The police are just the enforcement department of the state; the senior officers are politicians in uniform and the majority now of the lower ranks, are thugs in uniform. Gone are the days of the boys in blue that policed by consent and people felt comfortable about approaching for help.
    The state knows that if you can control the media, you can control the population, think TAZ and Pravda etc; we have the BBC. They have their left wing agenda, their pro new false religion of climate change agenda and their pro EUSSR agenda......Sadly, because of our education system(indoctrination system) many people now believe the propaganda put out by the state's broadcaster.

    I hate what our nation has become. The state rips off its citizens at every opportunity to feed its never ending desire to waste money. So much for Cameron being different to Brown and Blair; they are all the same.

  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:39 AM

    Councils use RIPA when they "suspect" fraudulent claims of housing/council tax benefit. Well, that's their excuse but I suspect that anyone on a council's "little list" as described by Ken a couple of blogs back, will be subject to similar surveillence to see what dirt they can dig up.


  3. "Nice country we live in!"

    I think you mean it used to be....