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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bin Brother - In Bin Cameras

Bin Brother
I was gemused to read recently that our "respected" and "thrifty" local councils may soon have a new weapon at their disposal in their ongoing battle of Ker Farking Ching.

"In bin" cameras have been developed that record what someone has thrown away every time they use their kitchen bin, the pictures are then sent to a social networking site so that their rubbish can be monitored and neighbours can comment on their recycling habits.

Errrmmm...what kind of saddo would spend hours watching an in bin camera on the net (especially given the vast amount of free porn available)?

BinCam, as it is called by the people who developed it in Newcastle University, has been trialled inside of students' kitchen bin lids. The trials will be extended to student houses at three universities in Britain and Germany later this year, and then on to staff homes.

Methinks that if any council ever tried this one out (I am sure that many would love to), then the camera would end up in a very dark place indeed!

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  1. Divide and rule....Citizen watching citizen.....I bet Nanny is loving it....Starlin would be so proud!!!

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    ItI versity Departments have nothing better to do than invent tools for the British some ways I thank the lord that I am now living in 'communist' China, which hasn't yet got round to this level of state control...

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    My comment SHOULD have read:
    Its a sad day when University Departments....etc etc

  4. Mjolinir4:52 PM

    @Ken - //given the vast amount of free porn available//

    Here's an idea - to reduce smells & the risk of vermin, carefully wrap each addition to the bin with a tastefully selected image from a Tabloid - and see if Nanny posts THAT on her FB site?

  5. Anonymous9:08 PM

    For Heaven's sakes! 1984 was a novel not a ruddy instruction manual! I wonder if "Bin Cam" works after a meeting with "Doctor Hammer"?
    Tricky choice... free naked women or watching some bod throw out the crap...
    Nope, no contest and I am not going for "Bin Brother"! (Is he related to Bin Laden?)