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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Booze Matters - Drink More!


Nanny has finally admitted what we, "the drinking classes", knew all along. Namely that her "safe drinking limits" were utter bollocks.

The Commons Science and Technology Committee will look at the evidence behind current guidelines which say men should not regularly drink more than four units of alcohol a day while women should have no more than three. mean to say that these limits have been promulgated by Nanny via print and TV campaigns (at great expense to the taxpayer) without Nanny first checking the evidence behind them?

Apparently not one jot of hard scientific evidence supports Nanny's daily drink limit.

In other countries, eg Italy, France and Spain, drink limits are higher.

A member of the Royal College of Physicians' (who was on the original working party in 1987 that gave birth to the daily drink limit) has admitted the figures were "plucked out of the air".

The lack of scientific rigour in Nanny's anti drink campaign should come as no surprise at all to the loyal readers of this site, many of her other "scientific truths" (used to lecture us about our lifestyles) have been exposed as being based on guesses, lies, prejudice and fantasy.

Suffice to say it is always best to ignore Nanny's advice, as it is invariably bollocks.

Anyhoo, the message is clear:

Drink More!


Drinks all round!

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1 comment:

  1. I wonder how many people did try to go out everyday and drink their few units(wtf?)
    Few people go out every day to drink, often purely because of the cost.....£3-20 a pint!!!

    I used to go out on a Friday night and have five or six pints and then on a Sunday, I'd go out for a meal and drink a couple of glasses of wine with that meal; the rest of the week I drank nothing other than tea, coffee and water.

    I notice that Dot Gov is invading our airwaves again, something Cast Iron Dave was going to cut back on. I had Gold radio on yesterday and each ad break was contaminated by a message from Dot Gov....Don't leave hot drinks near your kids, grass on loan sharks etc etc.

    Word verification....DEMON lol